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Final Reckoning Cast and Elimination SPOILERS

All further spoilers for the currently filming The Challenge: Final Reckoning will be posted here! Full credit goes to PinkRose and the various users at Vevmo.

Host: TJ Lavin

Location: Hermanus, South Africa

Prize: $1,000,000

Final Cast
Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego 2004)
Chris Tamburello (RW: Paris)
Chuck Mowery (AYTO? 3)
Derrick Henry (AYTO? 5)
Johnny Devenanzio (RW: Key West)
Joss Mooney (Ex on the Beach UK)
Jozea Flores (Big Brother 18)
Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)
Nelson Thomas (AYTO? 3)
Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18)
Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl)
Tony Raines (RW: Skeletons)
Zach Nichols (RW: San Diego 2011)

Amanda Garcia (AYTO? 3)
Angela Babicz (Ex on the Beach US)
Britni Thornton (AYTO? 3)
Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat II)
Da'Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 18)
Faith Stowers (Ex on the Beach US)
Jemmye Carroll (RW: New Orleans 2010)
Jenna Compono (RW: Ex-Plosion)
Kailah Casillas (RW: Go Big or Go Home)
Kam Williams (AYTO? 5)
Kayleigh Morris (Ex on the Beach UK)
Marie Roda (RW: St. Thomas)
Melissa Reeves (Ex on the Beach UK)
Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18)
Sylvia Elsrode (RW: Skeletons)
Tori Deal (AYTO? 4)
Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea)

Ashley Mitchell (RW: Ex-Plosion)
Cory Wharton (RW: Ex-Plosion)
Devin Walker (AYTO? 3)
Hunter Barfield (AYTO? 3)

Boot Order (not in exact order but order of getting confirmation that the player is out)

Kailah Casillas (DQ for fighting)
Melissa Reeves (DQ for fighting)
Britni Thornton & Chuck Mowery
Jemmye Carroll & Jenna Compono
Chris Tamburello & Veronica Portillo
Derrick Henry & Tori Deal
Angela Babicz & Faith Stowers
Da'Vonne Rogers & Jozea Flores
Amanda Garcia & Zach Nichols (DQ due to injury in Redemption)
Cory Wharton & Devin Walker (DQ for fighting: Cory)
Nelson Thomas & Shane Landrum
Brad Fiorenza & Kyle Christie
Kam Williams & Kayleigh Morris
Johnny Devenanzio & Tony Raines

Final Results:
Ashley Mitchell & Hunter Barfield - Winners
Joss Mooney & Sylvia Elsrode - Runners-Up
Natalie Negrotti & Paulie Calafiore - Third Place
Cara Maria Sorbello & Marie Roda - Fourth Place

Elimination matchups/timeline:
Britni & Chuck sent to Redemption due to last place finish
Jemmye & Jenna sent to Redemption due to last place finish
Da'Vonne & Jozea sent to Redemption by Amanda & Zach
Kailah & Melissa disqualified for fighting
Natalie & Paulie eliminated and sent to Redemption by Kam & Kayleigh
Redemption 1:
-Da'Vonne & Jozea win and return to house
-Natalie & Paulie lose and remain in Redemption
-Britni & Chuck and Jemmye & Jenna not selected and eliminated from the game
CT & Veronica sent to Redemption due to last place finish

Season twists:
Redemption House - Eliminated teams are given the opportunity to rejoin the competition throughout the season.
The Double Cross - During a Redemption challenge, the teams take turns pulling the Double Cross. The team to pull the Double Cross must select ONE team of their choice to face against. Unselected teams are permanently eliminated from the game. The winning team rejoins the game while the losing team remains in Redemption until the next round.
Mercenaries: Two Mercenary pairs are brought into the game. They must defeat one of the original teams in the game (likely during eliminations) in order to officially enter the competition.
Share or Steal: After the final challenge members from each team will be given the option to share or steal their final prize money from their partner.
One Prize: Only the winners have the chance to receive the money.

Season spoilers:
The first challenge of the season involved digging up your partner who was buried alive. Amanda & Zach won while Britni & Chuck, Da'Vonne & Jozea, and Jemmye & Jenna all lost and were sent straight to Redemption.
Kailah and Melissa got into a physical altercation with each other following the first challenge and were both disqualified. Rather than each receive new partners, Kam & Kayleigh were instead declared a new team.
Following being eliminated Natalie & Paulie pulled the Double Cross in the first Redemption and chose to compete against Da'Vonne & Jozea. Da'Vonne & Jozea won their spot back into the game while Natalie & Paulie remained in Redemption.
Following being eliminated Kam & Kayleigh were selected in the second Double Cross in Redemption and competed against Natalie & Paulie. Natalie & Paulie won their spot back into the game while Kam & Kayleigh remained in Redemption.
Following being eliminated Brad & Kyle pulled the Double Cross in the third Redemption and chose to compete against Kam & Kayleigh. Kam & Kayleigh won their spot back into the game while Brad & Kyle remained in Redemption.
After being formally eliminated Amanda & Zach did not participate in the Double Cross in Redemption due to one of them being injured.
Cory & Devin were disqualified after entering the game following a physical altercation between Cory and Tony.
After winning the final challenge Ashley was given the option to either share or steal the million with Hunter. She chose to steal the entire amount.

Amanda & Joss
Angela & Bananas
Ashley & Kyle
Cara Maria & Paulie
Faith & Kyle
Kayleigh & Nelson
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Why is it so hard for people to just enjoy the show? Like, if it bothers you that much stop watching. And if it’s an issue among a large percentage of viewers (or at least enough to tank ratings a good chunk), MTV will take the hint when their numbers change and then act accordingly.

Whether it means they start listening to fans (or the loud minority of them) or taking suggestions internally, who knows. But at the end of the day changing the channel or closing your streaming tab can’t really be that hard.
That ^ probably should’ve went into general discussion but 🤷‍♀️
Any update/outlook on next season’s cast and theme yet. I think it’s a good chance to reboot and maybe do a team challenge (2 or 3 teams).
So I honestly think the nominations format goes like this: each team gets one vote but challenge winners are giving two votes. Team that receives most votes goes in (obviously). However, I think their opponent is gonna be any of the teams that voted for them to go in, minus the challenge winners ("If you're gonna vote someone in you have to take them out yourselves"). I think that's exactly what goes on when all those teams are standing on those light panels and it'll randomly select a team that voted in the first Armageddon team. If it goes like this Kyle probably got the majority of the house to vote in Natalie & Paulie then Kam & Kayleigh were probably randomly selected for the elimination.
I thought they see who voted them in and they choose out of those people
Yea I don’t think it’s random selection of the team on the light panels going into elimination. I think all the teams vote someone into elimination (winners get 2 votes and are safe) then at the elimination round, the team voted into elimination gets to choose their opponent out of everyone who voted for them. So Kam and Kayleigh are most likely one of them teams who voted in Paulie and Natalie. So Paulie and Natalie chose to go up against them thinking they are the weakest team. If you vote someone into elimination and they don’t have the highest votes, then your light panel doesn’t turn on and you’re safe
They have been kinda building up some conflict between Natalie and Kam/Kayleigh so I still kinda think whoever’s voted in gets to choose who they go against (out of the teams that voted for them). Plus if it does end up being random I feel like it’ll give people enough room to accuse production of rigging.
i have a question about kenny and evan have they ever met cara maria or not ? do they like her or not ? and what their thought on her ?
Watch Rivals
What's funny is that apparently Kam/Kayleigh work with Natalie/Paulie later on.

You know what that's called? Growth.gif
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