Abram Boise
Original Season RR: South Pacific
Born January 30, 1983
Hometown Bozeman, Montana
Game Summary
Challenges The Gauntlet
The Inferno (won)
Battle of the Sexes 2
The Inferno II (final)
The Inferno 3 (won)
The Island
Cutthroat (final)
Battle of the Exes
Battle of the Bloodlines
Eliminations 4 (2 wins, 2 losses)
Money Won $103,500
Social Media
Twitter AbramBoise
Instagram abramgboise


The Gauntlet

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Snake Soup Road Rules SAFE
2 Masquerade SAFE
3 Mud Bath SAFE
4 I Scream SAFE
5 Holey Canoe SAFE
6 Heavyweight Hustle SAFE
7 Sink My Ship SAFE
8 Red Barron SAFE
9 Inferno SAFE
10 Rolling On a River SAFE
11 Turntable SAFE
12 All Or Nothing OUT

The Inferno

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Grope the Rope Road Rules SAFE
2 Bird Feeder SAFE
3 Wreck N' Roll SAFE
4 Climbing Wall SAFE
5 Disco Domino Derby SAFE
6 Balls Out SAFE
7 Ultimate Saturn Road Trip SAFE
8 Don't Yank My Chain SAFE
9 Come Sail Away SAFE
10 Bungee Bound SAFE
11 Twist and Shoot SAFE
12 Balcony Swing SAFE
13 Fallen Angels SAFE
14/15 Saturn Valet Ballet SAFE
15/17 Window Washing SAFE
18 Seven Deadly Sins WINNER

Money Won: $33,500

Battle of the Sexes 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Dangle Drop Men WIN
3 Snake Pit Poker SAFE
4 Melt With You SAFE
5 Bombs Away OUT

The Inferno II

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Surf Torture Bad Asses SAFE
2 Juice It Up SAFE
3 X Marks the Spot SAFE
4 Run For Your Money SAFE
5 Shirt Off My Back SAFE
6 Dodge Yer Balls SAFE
7 Fill in the Gaps SAFE
8 Zip Up SAFE
9 Never Ending Climb INFERNO
10 What a Drag INFERNO
11 Riddle Me This SAFE
12 Time to Ride SAFE
13 If Memory Serves SAFE
14 Crab Grab SAFE
15 Heart Rate Bungee SAFE
16 Montezuma's Revenge LOSER

Money Won: $10,000

The Inferno 3

Bio: This Montana boy has come a long way since he first appeared on Road Rules: South Pacific. He's a contemplative guy who showed his intense and somewhat devious side when he attacked fellow Roadie Donell. He got booted from the RV only to reappear on the Challenge, of course. Despite his physical and mental strength, Abe's overzealousness has led to DQs and getting his butt voted off. While many remember the shower scene with Veronica and Rachel, his wild side seemed to have been tamed by Real World queen bee Coral. After disagreeing with his team's strategy on Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge, the rage appeared once again and he was booted from the RV for attacking Adam. Will he throw punches on The Inferno 3? Maybe it's just the cramped quarters of the RV that makes him lose control.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Unbraided Bad Asses INFERNO
2/3 Ladder Race WIN
3 Battering Ram SAFE
4 Wrap and Roll SAFE
5 Rope Burn SAFE
6 Reversible Climbing Wall WIN
7 Grape Smash SAFE
8 Steady As You Go SAFE
9 Leaps and Bounds SAFE
10 Dog Day Afternoon INFERNO
11 Hand Car SAFE
12 Giraffic Park SAFE
13 Captain's Chair SAFE
14 Hook Me SAFE
15 Nothin' But Net SAFE
16 The Big Five WINNER

Money Won: $40,000

The Island

Bio: Abram was last seen on Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge when he was sent home early for punching Adam. He now lives in Montana, where he designs energy efficient homes. An avid outdoorsman, Abram seems like a natural fit for The Island -- and a seemingly strong contender. But will he be able to keep a lid on his anger and stay focused on the competition?

Episode Face-Off Vote Result
1 Leaning Tower N/A WIN
2 Ring Wrestle N/A OUT


Bio: Simply put, there has never been a player quite like Abram on a Challenge. Who else could brush aside dozens of wasp stings like he did on The Island and go about his day as if nothing had happened? Intense to the core, this fearless veteran of Road Rules: South Pacific is also a sensitive soul who wears his heart on his sleeve. After his recent engagement fell through, Abram comes to Cutthroat as a single man with an open mind, "There sure are a lot of good looking girls in this place!" And one lady in particular will snag Abram's heart...but will she also mess up his game?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Grey Team WIN
2 Brain Buster SAFE
3 Bed Head SAFE
4 Bottleneck Stampede SAFE
5 Surf's Up WIN
6 Sky Hook WIN
7 Gimme a Hand SAFE
8/9 High Ball WIN
9/10 Riot Act WIN
10 Czech Point SECOND

Money Won: $20,000

Note: Abram was removed from the "Czech Point" final mission, after he fell severely ill midway through the final race. He still earned his share of the $100,000 that the Grey team earned in the team challenges that they won.

Battle of the Exes

Bio: Odd birds of a feather, Abram and Cara Maria first fell in love on Cutthroat. But after an intoxicated Abram had a heavily publicized run-in with the police, Cara Maria decided to call it quits. The couple has since reconciled but their on-again, off-again relationship is anything but reliable. Abram complains, "Cara Maria is like a cat. When you try to chase a cat it just runs away and then you turn around and go sit down and the cat shows back up at your leg." Cara Maria, for her part, worries about Abram's often fiery temper. She confesses, "He's so passionate and so intense that sometimes you just need to get away. He's just got an animal inside him." Will the Battle of the Exes lead the couple to finally fully commit, or will the pressure of the game tear them apart for good?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey Cara Maria SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 Mental Connection SAFE
4 Rolling in the Deep SAFE
5 Don't Rock the Boat OUT

Battle of the Bloodlines

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
4/5 Air to the Throne Red Team WIN
6 Family Connection WIN
7 Hand Me Down WIN
8 Too Clingy WIN
9 Air Pockets OUT

Note: Prior to the "Air to the Throne" challenge T.J. announced that Tony and Shane were removed from the competition, with Abram and Mike being brought into the competition as replacement players.


The Gauntlet

Episode Gauntlet Opponent Result
12 Knock Your Block Off Mike OUT

The Inferno II

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
10 Balls In Brad WIN

The Inferno 3

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
10 Smash House Timmy WIN

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
5 X Battle Cara Maria Ty OUT


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