Adam Kuhn
Original Season AYTO? 1
Born May 1, 1990
Hometown Sterling, Virginia
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Exes II
Eliminations 4 (3 wins, 1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter IamAdamKuhn
Instagram iamadamkuhn


Battle of the Exes II

Bio: On their season of Are You the One?, Brittany couldn’t keep her hands off Adam’s rippling abs, but he used his bulging biceps to push her away. After a few steamy romps in the Boom-Boom Room, Brittany was convinced that Adam was her perfect match. However, Adam, a self-proclaimed “lion that can’t be tamed,” fought vigorously to sidestep her aggressive advances. Adam explains, “It took me an entire season of Are You the One to get her away from me. I literally had to yell at her to explain that I don't like her.” When confronted with commitment, Adam is quick to lash out at Brittany and label her as obsessively clingy. Brittany protests, “He thought I was getting really clingy, which wasn't true. I just was being very loyal to him.” On this season of Battle of the Exes II, the question isn’t if Adam has enough muscles to perform, but whether or not Brittany can keep her hands off of him long enough for either of them to compete.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 I Got You Babe Brittany DOME
2 Rounding the Bases SAFE
3 On Again, Off Again DOME
4 The Brush Off DOME
5 Open Arms SAFE
6/7 Don't Forget About Me OUT


Battle of the Exes II

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
1 Pole Position Brittany Dustin WIN
3 He Said/She Said John WIN
4 Breaking Up Knight WIN
6/7 Stacking Up Johnny OUT

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