Adam Royer
Adam R
Original Season RW: Las Vegas (2011)
Born August 2, 1988
Hometown Falmouth, Maine
Game Summary
Challenges Rivals
Money Won $1,000
Social Media
Instagram adamroyerr



Bio: Real World: Las Vegas viewers barely got a taste of Adam, when he was kicked off for his outlandish behavior. This explosive twenty-two year old makes his Challenge debut without any worries, promising, "I'm fearless. I'll eat anything. I'll jump off of anything. I'll do whatever. I don't care if I get hurt or what happens." Fearless, perhaps...but has Adam left his make-no-apologies Vegas days behind him? Don't bet the bank on it...

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 High Dive Leroy DQ

Money Won: $1,000

Note: Despite winning the "High Dive" challenge, Adam was disqualified from the competition after punching Ty prior to the first jungle.

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Adam R.
Finalist (Disqualified)

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