Aneesa Ferreira
Original Season RW: Chicago
Born September 11, 1981
Hometown Narberth, Pennsylvania
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes 2
The Gauntlet 2 (final)
The Duel
The Inferno 3
The Duel II (final)
Battle of the Exes
Rivals II
Free Agents
Battle of the Bloodlines
XXX: Dirty 30
Eliminations 17 (8 wins, 9 losses)
Money Won $24,071
Spin-offs Champs vs. Stars
Money Raised $5,000
Social Media
Twitter AneesaMTV
Instagram aneesamtv


Battle of the Sexes

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Sergeant Says Women SAFE
3 Dead Man's Drop SAFE
4 Tree House SAFE
5 Breath-Hold Bungee SAFE
7 Seven Rings of Saturn SAFE
8 Freeze Your Butt Off SAFE
9 People Mover OUT

Battle of the Sexes 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Dangle Drop Women SAFE
3 Snake Pit Poker SAFE
4 Melt With You SAFE
5 Bombs Away SAFE
6 Junk Boat SAFE
7 High Noon SAFE
8 Fill 'Er Up SAFE
9 Sa Wing SAFE
10 Electro Shock OUT

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Royal Rumble Veterans SAFE
2 Chock Full o' Coconuts SAFE
3 Team Builders WIN
4 Moving Pyramid WIN
5 Spongeworthy SAFE
6 Body Painters WIN
7 Rickshaw Races SAFE
8 Team Strength SAFE
9 Balancing Act SAFE
10 Buck-A-Neer SAFE
11 Pull Me WIN
12 Spare Tires WIN
13 Easy Does It GAUNTLET
14 The Pit SAFE
15 Blind Trust WIN
16/17 Piece by Piece SAFE
17 Bet Your Booty LOSER

Money Won: $8,571

The Duel

Bio: Aneesa is definitely not afraid to say what's on her mind. She crushed Theo's dreams of hooking up in Chicago when she told him she thinks "girls are nice." On the first Battle of the Sexes, Aneesa's backstabbing ways ultimately got her voted off. She returned to Battle of the Sexes 2, vowing "all love" that time around. Well, she showed Mark some love on The Gauntlet 2 with a birthday lap dance -- is that what she meant? She earned her spot as team captain after an intimidated Beth refused to "Beach Brawl" in the Gauntlet with Aneesa. Unfortunately getting rid of Beth didn't win the final mission for the Vets and they left empty handed. Will Aneesa leave this Challenge with the grand prize loot or be sent home empty handed?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Reaching Out N/A SAFE
2/3 Ring Toss SAFE
3 Pass With Care Nehemiah SAFE
4 Roller Derby N/A DUEL
5 Push Over SAFE
6 Flying Leap SAFE
7 Throwback Nehemiah SAFE
8 Rafty Race N/A SAFE
9 Pole Dance Team Eric SAFE
10 Dine-N-Dash Team Svetlana DUEL
11 Stacking Stairs Eric SAFE
12 Ice Breakers N/A SAFE
13 Sunken Treasure Brad SAFE
14 Around the Block N/A DUEL
15 Paddle Me Brad OUT

The Inferno 3

Bio: Aneesa is definitely not afraid to say what's on her mind. She crushed Theo's dreams of hooking up in Chicago when she told him she thinks "girls are nice." On the first Battle of the Sexes, Aneesa's backstabbing ways ultimately got her voted off. She returned to Battle of the Sexes 2, vowing "all love" that time around. Well, she showed Mark some love on The Gauntlet 2 with a birthday lap dance -- is that what she meant? She earned her spot as team captain after an intimidated Beth refused to "Beach Brawl" in the Gauntlet with Aneesa. Surprisingly on The Duel, Aneesa aligned herself with Beth (who would have guessed?), Svetlana, Wes and Nehemiah, but unfortunately their alliance was destroyed by the "drama mafia." She and Svetlana took turns taking out all of the female competition, but found themselves facing each other in the last women's Duel. Svetlana called Aneesa's bluff and sent her home just before the final mission. Will Aneesa's strong will to survive get her to the end of The Inferno 3?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Unbraided Bad Asses SAFE
2/3 Ladder Race SAFE
3 Battering Ram SAFE
4 Wrap and Roll SAFE
5 Rope Burn SAFE
6 Reversible Climbing Wall SAFE
7 Grape Smash SAFE
8 Steady As You Go SAFE
9 Leaps and Bounds SAFE
10 Dog Day Afternoon SAFE
11 Hand Car SAFE
12 Giraffic Park SAFE
13 Captain's Chair INFERNO
14 Hook Me SAFE
15 Nothin' But Net OUT

The Duel II

Bio: Another veteran of the games, Aneesa is not afraid to speak her mind, make an alliance or pull the rug out from under another competitor. She's the real deal. Since her last turn in the challenges, she had successful knee surgery which "has made my life easier," according to Aneesa. She'd dancing again and has plans to move to New York City to pursue a career in music while returning to school. Now she's also ready to take on all comers in New Zealand for a shot at the prize. Will Aneesa prevail in this round of The Duel?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Last Man Standing Team Colors DUEL
2 Freezing as Puck Eric SAFE
3 All Shook Up N/A SAFE
4 Luging My Mind MJ SAFE
5 Don't Let Go SAFE
6 Dangle Duo SAFE
7 Burnt N/A DUEL
8 Upside Downer SAFE
9/10 Spelling Air DUEL
Final Challenge Mark THIRD

Money Won: $15,000


Bio: Challenge legend Aneesa has won more elimination rounds than most players have even seen. Surviving eliminations is nice, but winning a final is better, and first place is what this Real World: Chicago alum is gunning for this season on Rivals. This time around, Aneesa will be forced to cooperate with an old enemy in order to take down a younger, tougher crop of Challenge girls. Will Aneesa's renowned invincibility get her to the end? Or will a new generation of upstarts prove too much for this undisputed queen of eliminations?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 High Dive Robin OUT

Battle of the Exes

Bio: On the Battle of the Sexes, Aneesa and Rachel met and were instantly drawn to each other. Rachel reminisces, "In a nutshell, me and Aneesa had like a little short love affair and then she just didn't treat me the way I wanted to be treated and it didn't work out." Later, Aneesa and Rachel came to blows on The Duel II when Aneesa called out Rachel for toying with her emotions after spying on Jenn and Rachel kissing in the bathroom. Aneesa fumes, "I had an issue with the fact that, you don't come and have sex with me and then go and have sex with someone else when you know that I loved you. Rachel rebuts by claiming that their hook up was seven years and ago. Years later, Rachel updates, "Aneesa and I worked out all of our skeletons in the closet and now we've really come to a place where we're just really good friends." Now that this pair are on good terms will they communicate better as friends than they ever did as lovers?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey Rachel SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 Mental Connection SAFE
4 Rolling in the Deep DOME
5 Don't Rock the Boat SAFE
6 Lube Me Up OUT

Rivals II

Bio: Aneesa and Diem's rivalry was born on The Duel, when Aneesa chose Diem to go into elimination after promising to keep her safe. Diem ended up going home and giving Aneesa the silent treatment. Diem recalls, "It's been a long time, but once someone makes you not trust them, it's hard to regain that." Since we last saw Diem in the finals of Battle of the Exes, she successfully beat ovarian cancer a second time and is now in remission. But despite her fighting spirit, Diem still struggles with confidence and reverts to old patterns when she hooks up with former flame CT! Aneesa is skeptical of her romantic reunion, explaining, "Anyone who messes with CT is playing with fire. Emotionally, she could be setting herself up for failure." Diem may seem angelic, but this veteran has a tilted halo...and perhaps a devil on her shoulder.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Game of Inches Diem SAFE
2 XXX Games SAFE
3 Mind Over Splatter SAFE
4 Stumped SAFE
5 Frog Smash SAFE
6 Frenemies SAFE
7 Blind Leading the Blind WIN
8 Swingers SAFE
9 Rampage SAFE
10/11 Color Correction OUT

Money Won: $500

Free Agents

Bio: Talk about an unstoppable force, “Elimination Queen” Aneesa arrives on Free Agents after a devastating exit one spot short of the Rivals II final. Aneesa is brimming with confidence going into Free Agents, “Doubt me all you want. I'm more about being humble and letting my actions speak for themselves. I have the heart and fight. I don't, I never quit. Ever.” Aneesa may be a threat on the field, but this opinionated vet can rub some of her housemates the wrong way. Will Aneesa be able to fight her way to the top? Or will she face another crushing elimination?

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Out on a Ledge Team Black WIN
2 Auto Body Rally Zach SAFE
3 Bar Crawl Team Cara Maria SAFE
4 Bounce Out Team Yellow SAFE
5 Piggy Back Team Yellow SAFE
6 Smarty Pants N/A SAFE
7 Sausage Party ELIM
8 Hold That Pose Team Johnny OUT

Battle of the Bloodlines

Bio: No matter how hard she tries, drama-magnet Aneesa always gets pulled into the emotional crossfire. Returning to the Challenge after several close brushes with victory, Aneesa brings along her live-wire cousin, Rianna, hoping she can help guide her safely through the precarious minefield of Challenge politics and focused on the competition. Aneesa emphasizes, “We need to take care of each other here and we need to lay as low as possible; we don't need any unnecessary drama or targets on our backs. If somebody messes with her, I’ll handle it.” However, Aneesa breaks her own rules when she catches feelings for a rookie, while Rianna snuggles up with a challenger of her own. Torn between siding with her fellow veterans and indulging in some rookie nookie, Aneesa finds herself once again at the epicenter of explosive drama that she’ll need her and Rianna to settle fast.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Water Battle Rianna SAFE
2 Family Dinner SAFE
3/4 Meet Me Halfway Blue Team SAFE
4/5 Air to the Throne SAFE
6 Family Connection SAFE
7 Hand Me Down SAFE
8 Too Clingy SAFE
9 Air Pockets SAFE
10 Weight For Me Rianna SAFE
11 Truck Crossing OUT

XXX: Dirty 30

Bio: Challenge veteran Aneesa is no stranger to drama and dirty play. On Rivals, she wasted no time by saying both Laurel and Cara Maria’s names in deliberations for the first elimination, and on Rivals II, a pretty nasty scuffle erupted when Trishelle provoked her.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 The Purge N/A WIN
2/3 Cool Under Fire SAFE
3/4 Battle Royale Green Team WIN
6/7 Pirates' Treasure Derrick K. XX
7 Ups and Downs Green Team OUT
11/12 Saved by the Bell Team Aneesa OUT

Note: Despite being eliminated in Episode 7, Aneesa returned to the competition in Episode 10 after defeating multiple players in "Redemption".


The Duel

Episode Duel Opponent Result
4 Pole Wrestle Paula WIN
10 Ascender Robin WIN
14 I Can Diem WIN
15 Svetlana OUT

The Inferno 3

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
15 Shimmy Paula OUT

The Duel II

Episode Duel Opponent Result
1/2 Back Off Shauvon WIN
7 Paula WIN
9/10 The Elevator Tori WIN


Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
1 Hands On Robin Evelyn OUT

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
4 X Knocks the Spot Rachel Tyrie WIN
6 Banded Together Dunbar OUT

Rivals II

Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
10/11 Hanging by a Thread Diem Camila OUT

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Opponent Result
7 Wrecking Wall Jonna WIN
8 Oppenheimer Laurel OUT

Battle of the Bloodlines

Episode Pit Opponent Result
11 Mine Not Yours Cara Maria OUT

XXX: Dirty 30

Episode Presidio Opponent Result
7 Deadweight Kailah OUT
12 Web of Lies Veronica OUT

Spin-off Gameplay

Champs vs. Stars

Bio: Fiery, outspoken and bold, Aneesa Ferreira never shies away from a challenge or the drama of the competition that comes with it. Although Ferreira has appeared on twelve seasons on The Challenge and still has yet to take home a win, no one can deny her sheer determination and strength, which she always proves in eliminations. Ferreira also plays a strong reality game, knowing when to flirt with the players to get them on her side, fight for alliances, and mess with rookies’ heads. Champs vs. Stars might be just what this fireball needs to finally come out on top.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Tow Truck Champs SAFE
2/3 Parkour the Course SAFE
3/4 Slam Ball SAFE
4 Push Ball WIN

Money Raised: $5,000



  • Aneesa is currently the female cast member with the most Challenge appearances.
    • Aneesa also currently holds the record for most Challenge appearances without a win.
    • Aneesa currently is the only female cast member who holds the record of most eliminations losses with nine.

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