Ayanna Mackins
Original Season RR: Semester at Sea
Born November 26, 1978
Hometown Media, Pennsylvania
Game Summary
Challenges Extreme Challenge
Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes 2
Money Won $1,666
Social Media
Twitter dcrunningmom


Extreme Challenge

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Ring of Fire Road Rules LOSE
Rope Courses WIN
Blimp Water Skiing LOSE
3 Fisherman's Wharf LOSE
4 No Laughing Matter LOSE
5 Rollerball Resurrection WIN
6 N/A DQ

Money Won: $1,666

Note: Ayanna was removed from the competition at the end of Episode 6 after physically assaulting Christian off-camera.

Battle of the Sexes

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Sergeant Says Women SAFE
3 Dead Man's Drop SAFE
4 Tree House SAFE
5 Breath-Hold Bungee SAFE
7 Seven Rings of Saturn SAFE
8 Freeze Your Butt Off SAFE
9 People Mover WIN
10 Battle of the Opposite Sexes SAFE
11 Leaky River SAFE
12 Stairway to Heaven SAFE
13 Collision Course OUT

Battle of the Sexes 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Dangle Drop Women SAFE
3 Snake Pit Poker SAFE
4 Melt With You SAFE
5 Bombs Away OUT


  • Ayanna was the first cast member to be disqualified from a season of The Challenge.

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