Ayiiia Elizarraràs
Original Season RW: Cancun
Born March 12, 1987
Hometown San Diego, California
Game Summary
Challenges Cutthroat
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter _ayiiia
Instagram _ayiiia



Bio: Although she is a new to The Challenge, Ayiiia is already thinking about how she wants to play her game, explaining, "I definitely want to be less of a troublemaker, but if someone gets in my face, of course I'm gonna roar back. That's just how it goes." This Real World: Cancun hottie is excited to push herself past her limits, although she freely admits that she isn't really sure what those limits are, revealing, "I've never physically tested myself, so I have no idea how I'm gonna do." In a game as intense as Cutthroat, look for Ayiiia's limits to be tested immediately...along with her infamous temper.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Grey Team WIN
2 Brain Buster SAFE
3 Bed Head SAFE
4 Bottleneck Stampede OUT



Episode Gulag Opponent Result
4 Swat Katie OUT

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