Battle of the Seasons (2002)
Season 5
Location Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Episodes 17 (including reunion)
Season Run January 28 – May 27, 2002
Host Eric Nies
Mark Long
Prize Money $300,000
Winner(s) Real World
Coral Smith
Danny Roberts
Elka Walker
Kelley Limp
Mike Mizanin
Sean Duffy
Season guide
Extreme Challenge
Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Seasons is the 5th season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on January 28, 2002 and concluded with the live reunion special on May 27, 2002. This season marked the first time in which teams were required to vote players out of the competition.


Real World
Male partner Female partner Original season Finish
Sean Duffy Elka Walker Boston Winners
Mike Mizanin Coral Smith Back to New York
Danny Roberts Kelley Limp New Orleans
Norman Korpi Becky Blasband New York Episode 8
Mike Lambert Flora Alekseyeun Miami Episode 6
Stephen Williams Lindsay Brien Seattle Episode 5/6
Mike Johnson Sharon Gitau London Episode 4
Jon Brennan Beth Stolarczyk Los Angeles Episode 1
Road Rules
Male partner Female partner Original season Finish
Theo Vonkurnatowski Holly Brentson Maximum Velocity Tour Runners-Up
Dan Setzler Tara McDaniel Northern Trail
Timmy Beggy Emily Bailey Second Adventure
Josh Florence Holly Shand Latin America Episode 8
Adam Larson Jisela Delgado The Quest Episode 6
Chris Melling Belou Den Tex Europe Episode 5/6
Chadwick Pelletier Piggy Thomas Down Under Episode 4
Yes Duffy Veronica Portillo Semester at Sea Episode 1

Game summary

Elimination chart

Episode Winners Inner Circle Voted Off
# Challenge Team Prize Winners Real World Road Rules Real World Road Rules
1 Hang Man Road Rules Theo & Holly B. Mike M. & Coral Danny & Kelley Norman & Becky Theo & Holly B. Chadwick & Piggy Timmy & Emily Jon & Beth Yes & Veronica
3/4 Musical Inner-Tube Tango Real World Stephen & Lindsay Sean & Elka Stephen & Lindsay Dan & Tara Mike J. & Sharon Chadwick & Piggy
5/6 Vertical Limit Real World Danny & Kelley Danny & Kelley Stephen & Lindsay Chris & Belou
6 Slam Dunk Road Rules Theo & Holly B. Mike L. & Flora Adam & Jisela
7/8 Ladder of Doom Road Rules Theo & Holly B. Norman & Becky Josh & Holly S.
9 Round 'Em Up Real World Sean & Elka
10 Rush Hour Real World Sean & Elka
11 Hands on Saturn Road Rules Dan & Tara
12 Sidekick Showdown Real World Mike M. & Coral
13 Block Head Road Rules Timmy & Emily
14 Siamese Wrestling Road Rules Timmy & Emily
15 Handsome Reward Real World Final Rankings    Real World: Sean & Elka 1st, Mike M. & Coral 2nd, Danny & Kelley 3rd    Road Rules: Theo & Holly B. 1st, Dan & Tara 2nd, Timmy & Emily 3rd


  • No challenge or voting ceremony was held in Episode 2 due to the occurrence of Hurricane Juliette. Instead the cast was relocated to a hotel and participated in a toga party.

Scoreboard progress

Sean & Elka102944557494114131 150169186WINNERS
Mike M. & Coral162543547187104123143 158174WINNERS
Danny & Kelley142343547089107122138 154172WINNERS
Theo & Holly B.2034537393108127143 161178194LOSERS
Dan & Tara153146577087103123139 157176LOSERS
Timmy & Emily18335061759393111128 148168LOSERS
Norman & Becky1323384964
Josh & Holly S.1225384968
Mike L. & Flora6243445
Adam & Jisela11203243
Stephen & Lindsay92941
Chris & Belou71929
Mike J. & Sharon521
Chadwick & Piggy1926
Jon & Beth8
Yes & Veronica17
Bold indicates the Inner Circle
     The team won the final challenge.
     The team did not win the final challenge.
     The team came in first in the mission and won a prize.
     The team was eliminated by the Inner Circle.