Battle of the Sexes
Season 6
Location Montego Bay, Jamaica
Episodes 20 (including reunion and special)
Season Run December 30, 2002 – May 12, 2003
Host Jonny Moseley
Prize Money $150,000
Winner(s) Men
Colin Mortensen
Jamie Murray
Mark Long
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Battle of the Seasons
The Gauntlet
Battle of the Sexes is the 6th season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on December 30, 2002 and concluded with the live reunion special on May 12, 2003.


Player Original season Finish
Colin Mortensen RW: Hawaii Winners
Jamie Murray RW: New Orleans
Mark Long RR: First Adventure
Antoine de Bouverie RR: Europe Episode 17
Shane Landrum RR: Campus Crawl Episode 16
James Orlando RR: Maximum Velocity Tour Episode 15
Eric Nies RW: New York Episode 14
Blair Herter RR: The Quest Episode 13
Syrus Yarbrough RW: Boston Episode 12
Theo Gantt RW: Chicago Episode 11
Jake Bronstein RR: Islands Episode 10
Dan Renzi RW: Miami Episode 9
Puck Rainey RW: San Francisco
Yes Duffy RR: Semester at Sea Episode 7
David Broom RW: New Orleans Episode 5
Eric Jones RR: Campus Crawl Episode 4
Laterrian Wallace RR: Maximum Velocity Tour Episode 3
David Edwards RW: Los Angeles Episode 2
Player Original season Finish
Ellen Cho RR: The Quest Runners-Up
Lori Trespicio RW: Back to New York
Ruthie Alcaide RW: Hawaii
Melissa Howard RW: New Orleans Episode 17
Genesis Moss RW: Boston Episode 16
Emily Bailey RR: Second Adventure
Anne Wharton RR: Northern Trail Episode 14
Ayanna Mackins RR: Semester at Sea Episode 13
Veronica Portillo RR: Semester at Sea Episode 12
Christina Pazsitzky RR: Down Under Episode 11
Tonya Cooley RW: Chicago Episode 10
Aneesa Ferreira RW: Chicago Episode 9
Rachel Robinson RR: Campus Crawl Episode 8
Amaya Brecher RW: Hawaii Episode 7
Jisela Delgado RR: The Quest Episode 5
Gladys Sanabria RR: Latin America Episode 4
Beth Stolarczyk RW: Los Angeles Episode 3
Julie Stoffer RW: New Orleans Episode 2

Game summary

Elimination chart

Episode Winners Inner Circle Life Saver
Voted Off
# Challenge Team Life Saver Girls Guys Girls Guys
1/2 Sergeant Says Girls Melissa, Amaya Amaya, Melissa, Aneesa, Genesis Blair, Theo, Jamie, Colin Dan Julie David E.*
3 Dead Man's Drop Girls Ruthie Ruthie Ellen Anne Theo Jamie Colin Gladys Beth Laterrian
4 Tree House Guys Dan, Jamie Puck Puck Gladys Eric J.
5 Breath-Hold Bungee Guys James Veronica James Emily Jisela David B.
7 Seven Rings of Saturn Guys Puck, Theo Emily Mark Colin Amaya Yes
8 Freeze Your Butt Off Girls Ellen Theo Tonya Rachel Dan*
9 People Mover Girls Ayanna, Ellen Jamie Tonya Aneesa Dan
10 Battle of the Opposite Sexes Guys Jake Veronica Blair Tonya Jake*
11 Leaky River Guys Eric N. Melissa N/A* Christina Theo
12 Stairway to Heaven Guys Jamie Emily Blair* Veronica Syrus
13 Collision Course Guys James Blair* Ayanna Blair
14 Spider Mon Guys Shane Genesis Anne Eric N.
15 Human Aquarium Guys Antoine Shane Genesis* James
16 Razor's Edge Guys Antoine Lori Shane* Genesis Shane
17 Maximum Velocity Girls Ruthie N/A Melissa Antoine
18 It Takes Three Guys Final Rankings; Guys: Mark 1st, Colin 2nd, Jamie 3rd; Girls: Ruthie 1st, Ellen 2nd, Lori 3rd


  • David E. quit the game on the first episode after coming into conflict with Puck, who had suggested David to be eliminated by the Inner Circle. David, who was already offended by Puck spitting on him, chose to leave the game.
  • No challenge or voting ceremony was held in Episode 6. Instead the cast participated in Puck's wedding ceremony in which he married girlfriend and the mother of his infant son, Betty.
  • Puck quit the game in Episode 9 after trashing the residence when his wife was detained at departure from Jamaica for not having her green card. Dan, who was originally voted off, was brought back because the teams needed to be symmetrical, and have the same number of players.
  • Jake quit the game in Episode 10, citing personal reasons.
  • In Episode 11 Eric N. dedicated the lifesaver to his sister, who was in the hospital with an over-100 degree fever. The lifesaver was not used to save a contestant, which was allowed in the game.
  • Jamie did inform Jonny of who he was giving the life saver to prior to the elimination in Episode 12. After Veronica was eliminated, he said that he was about to give it to Blair but then gave it to Veronica. Since Jonny was never informed and Jamie made it clear that he changed his mind after the elimination, his original selection of Blair had to stay, thereby eliminating Veronica.
  • Blair refused the lifesaver in Episode 13 because he felt that he did not deserve to stay over the other guys who had scored higher than him on the scoreboard.
  • Emily quit the game in Episode 15 because she did not want to participate in the game without her boyfriend James, who was just voted off by the Inner Circle. Genesis, who was originally voted off, was not eliminated and Lori, who had the fourth highest score was automatically put in the Inner Circle.
  • Shane refused the lifesaver in Episode 16 because he did not want Antoine to give up his spot in the final four.

Scoreboard progress

Eric N.1040669999127159191227262297297
David B.18436176
Eric J.122555
David E.10
Bold indicates the contestants in the Inner Circle.
     The contestant's team won the final challenge.
     The contestant's team did not win the final challenge.
     The contestant came in first in the challenge, won the Life Saver, and a prize.
     The contestant was given the Life Saver by the winner of the challenge.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant quit the game.
     The contestant came in first in the challenge, won the Life Saver, and a prize and quit the game.


Sergeant Says Tree House Seven Rings of Saturn People Mover
Amaya & Melissa Antoine & Laterrian Amaya & Veronica Antoine & Blair Amaya & Tonya Antoine & Shane Aneesa & Tonya Antoine & James
Aneesa & Genesis Blair & Theo Aneesa & Anne Colin & Yes Anne & Genesis Blair & Jake Anne & Emily Blair & Dan
Anne & Christina Colin & Jamie Ayanna & Rachel Dan & Jamie Aneesa & Christina Colin & Mark Ayanna & Ellen Colin & Eric N.
Ayanna & Beth Dan & Jake Christina & Emily David B. & Theo Ayanna & Lori Dan & James Christina & Lori Jamie & Mark
Ellen & Julie David B. & Syrus Ellen & Tonya Eric J. & Syrus Ellen & Melissa Eric N. & Yes Genesis & Ruthie Jake & Shane
Emily & Rachel David E. & Eric N. Genesis & Jisela Eric N. & Mark Emily & Ruthie Jamie & Syrus Melissa & Veronica Syrus & Theo
Gladys & Jisela Eric J. & Shane Gladys & Ruthie Jake & James Rachel & Veronica Puck & Theo
Lori & Tonya James & Yes Lori & Melissa Puck & Shane
Ruthie & Veronica Mark & Puck