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Battle of the Sexes
Season 6
Episodes 20 (including reunion and special)
Aired from December 30, 2002 – May 12, 2003
Location Montego Bay, Jamaica
Winners Men
Colin Mortensen
Jamie Murray
Mark Long
Season guide
Battle of the Seasons
The Gauntlet
Battle of the Sexes is the 6th season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on December 30, 2002 and concluded with the live reunion special on May 12, 2003.


Player Original season Finish
Colin Mortensen RW: Hawaii Winners
Jamie Murray RW: New Orleans
Mark Long RR: First Adventure
Antoine de Bouverie RR: Europe Episode 17
Shane Landrum RR: Campus Crawl Episode 16
James Orlando RR: Maximum Velocity Tour Episode 15
Eric Nies RW: New York Episode 14
Blair Herter RR: The Quest Episode 13
Syrus Yarbrough RW: Boston Episode 12
Theo Gantt RW: Chicago Episode 11
Jake Bronstein RR: Islands Episode 10
Dan Renzi RW: Miami Episode 9
Puck Rainey RW: San Francisco
Yes Duffy RR: Semester at Sea Episode 7
David Broom RW: New Orleans Episode 5
Eric Jones RR: Campus Crawl Episode 4
Laterrian Wallace RR: Maximum Velocity Tour Episode 3
David Edwards RW: Los Angeles Episode 2
Player Original season Finish
Ellen Cho RR: The Quest Runners-Up
Lori Trespicio RW: Back to New York
Ruthie Alcaide RW: Hawaii
Melissa Howard RW: New Orleans Episode 17
Genesis Moss RW: Boston Episode 16
Emily Bailey RR: Second Adventure
Anne Wharton RR: Northern Trail Episode 14
Ayanna Mackins RR: Semester at Sea Episode 13
Veronica Portillo RR: Semester at Sea Episode 12
Christina Pazsitzky RR: Down Under Episode 11
Tonya Cooley RW: Chicago Episode 10
Aneesa Ferreira RW: Chicago Episode 9
Rachel Robinson RR: Campus Crawl Episode 8
Amaya Brecher RW: Hawaii Episode 7
Jisela Delgado RR: The Quest Episode 5
Gladys Sanabria RR: Latin America Episode 4
Beth Stolarczyk RW: Los Angeles Episode 3
Julie Stoffer RW: New Orleans Episode 2

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