Beth Stolarczyk
Original Season RW: Los Angeles
Born February 14, 1969
Hometown Garfield Heights, Ohio
Game Summary
Challenges Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Battle of the Seasons
Battle of the Sexes
The Inferno II
The Gauntlet 2
The Duel
The Gauntlet III
Eliminations 4 (2 wins, 2 losses)
Money Won $2,206
Social Media
Twitter MTVBeth
Instagram bethsrealworld


Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Roller Derby Real World LOSE
2 Bed Race LOSE
3 Bungee Jump LOSE
4 Las Vegas Talent Show WIN
5 Boot Camp LOSE
6 Handsome Reward LOSER
Teddy Bear Steal WIN

Money Won: $2,206

Battle of the Seasons

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Hang Man Jon OUT

Battle of the Sexes

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Sergeant Says Women SAFE
3 Dead Man's Drop OUT

The Inferno II

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Surf Torture Bad Asses SAFE
2 Juice It Up SAFE
3 X Marks the Spot SAFE
4 Run For Your Money SAFE

Note: Beth quit the competition at the beginning of Episode 5 after not feeling safe in the house following a heated altercation with Tonya.

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Royal Rumble Veterans SAFE
2 Chock Full o' Coconuts SAFE
3 Team Builders WIN
4 Moving Pyramid WIN
5 Spongeworthy SAFE
6 Body Painters WIN
7 Rickshaw Races GAUNTLET
8 Team Strength SAFE
9 Balancing Act GAUNTLET
10 Buck-A-Neer SAFE
11 Pull Me WIN
12 Spare Tires WIN
13 Easy Does It QUIT

Note: Beth voluntarily gave the win to Aneesa in the "Beach Brawl" gauntlet stating that the elimination was against her moral values.

The Duel

Bio: In a memorable Real World moment, Beth tried to help her roommate Tami cover up when housemate David pulled off her covers, but all her good deed got her was a door slammed on her head. This old-schooler's personality and penchant for gossiping often clashes with other cast members. Most memorable came during The Inferno II, when an upset Tonya threw all of Beth's belongings, including -- gasp! -- her real Louis Vuitton purse, into the pool. Ouch! She reluctantly participated in the next mission, but packed up her wet belongings and headed home shortly thereafter. She came back with a vengeance on The Gauntlet 2, beating out Ruthie to become team captain, much to her team's dismay. She butted heads with Montana while the rest faked nice to their captain for fear of intentional sabotage. Even though she knew they really wanted her gone, her response was, Bring it on bitches! Beth's reign -- too long, if you ask her team, it ended when she threw in the towel after having to "Beach Brawl" Aneesa. What is Beth cooking up this time around?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Reaching Out N/A SAFE
2/3 Ring Toss SAFE
3 Pass With Care Kenny SAFE
4 Roller Derby N/A SAFE
5 Push Over WIN
6 Flying Leap SAFE
7 Throwback Eric SAFE
8 Rafty Race N/A DQ

Note: Beth was disqualified from the "Push Me" duel after improperly unhooking the flag from the carabiner.

The Gauntlet III

Bio: If there were a Challenge Hall of Fame, Beth would be the first inducted. Despite being slapped around by Tina and the infamous dumping of her clothes in the pool by Tonya, Beth is always up for another round. For the first time since Battle of the Seasons (in which she was eliminated first), Beth joins Coral on the same Challenge team. One can only imagine the drama that will unfold.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Piñata Pit Veterans WIN
2 Screw You WIN
Roped In WIN
3 Wring Out WIN
Blind Man's Maze SAFE
4 Push It WIN
Man Overboard WIN
5 Assembly Required OUT


The Gauntlet 2

Episode Gauntlet Opponent Result
7 Reverse Tug-O-War Ruthie WIN
9 Montana WIN

The Duel

Episode Duel Opponent Result
8 Push Me Svetlana DQ

The Gauntlet III

Episode Gauntlet Opponent Result
5 Ball Brawl Coral OUT