Blue Team (Battle of the Bloodlines)
Blue TeamBloodlines
Challenge Season Battle of the Bloodlines
Team Members Aneesa Ferreira
Jamie Banks (captain)
Jenna Compono
KellyAnne Judd
Larissa Nakagawa
Leroy Garrett
Mike Boise
Mitch Reid
Nany González
Raphy Medrano
Shane Raines
Stephen Buell
Vince Gliatta
Game Summary
Eliminations 6 (in-team)


Episode Pit Winner Loser
3/4 Door Slammer Jenna Larissa
5 My Way or the Highway Mitch Raphy
6 Ring My Bell KellyAnne Nany
7 Home Wrecker Mike Stephen
8 Spun Out Jenna KellyAnne
9 Hand It Over Jamie Mike

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