Candice Fowler
Original Season Battle of the Bloodlines
Born October 2, 1991
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Bloodlines
Social Media
Twitter MTV_Candice
Instagram c.evelyn_mtv


Battle of the Bloodlines

Bio: Fan-favorite Leroy returns to The Challenge with his witty humor and deadpan determination. Arriving with his young and impressionable cousin, Candice, Leroy will have to give her a crash course in Challenge survival if he wants to stay on top of the game. However, Leroy’s no-nonsense competitive attitude takes its toll on Candice, who worries, “I look at Leroy as my older brother. I don't want to ever disappoint him in The Challenge or period. Quitting is not an option!” But when The Challenge inevitably throws obstacles on their road to victory, Leroy will be forced to balance his first-place aspirations with family responsibility.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Water Battle Leroy SAFE
2 Family Dinner SAFE
3/4 Meet Me Halfway Red Team OUT

Note: Candice initially suffered a busted lip at the "Meet Me Halfway" challenge, and when she returned to the house, she revealed that she also suffered a fractured toe. Prior to the third Pit elimination, T.J. delivered the news that Candice was medically unable to continue competing.

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