Carley Johnson
Original Season Fresh Meat II
Born June 1, 1984
Hometown Las Vegas, Nevada
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat II (won)
Eliminations 2 (2 wins)
Money Won $100,000
Social Media
Twitter CarleyJohnson
Instagram carleyjohnsonmtv


Fresh Meat II

Bio: One look at this voluptuous blonde and you would assume that she is high maintenance. But looks can be deceiving. Carley is actually a bikini model who loves extreme sports and motorcycles. This deceptively quiet girl also lets her demons loose in the wrestling ring, where she slaps around both male and female competitors. Underestimated throughout her life, Carley hopes to prove doubters wrong, skate off with the prize money, and show the world that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Dirty Mouth Landon SAFE
2 I'll Be There For You WIN
3 Water Logged SAFE
4 King of the Wall SAFE
5 Drop Out SAFE
6 Turn Style EXILE
7 Airheads WIN
8/9 Wrecking Ball EXILE
9/10 Obstacle SAFE
10 Final Challenge WINNER

Money Won: $100,000


Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
6 Weight For Me Landon CJ WIN
8/9 Weight For Me: Black Out Evelyn WIN


  • Carley is rumored to have been one of the original planned team members for Team Fresh Meat on Battle of the Seasons (2012). This explains why early in the game Cara Maria's jersey name was taped over.

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