Challenge 2000
Season 3
Episodes 11
Aired from January 17 – April 3, 2000
Location Road trip
Winners Road Rules
Dan Setzler
Holly Shand
Los Jackson
Piggy Thomas
Veronica Portillo
Yes Duffy
Season guide
Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Extreme Challenge
Challenge 2000 is the 3rd season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on January 17, 2000 and concluded on April 3, 2000.


Real World
Player Original Season
Amaya Brecher Hawaii
David Burns Seattle
Heather Gardner New York
Kat Ogden London
Mike Lambert Miami
Teck Holmes Hawaii
Road Rules
Player Original Season
Dan Setzler Northern Trail
Holly Shand Latin America
Los Jackson First Adventure
Piggy Thomas Down Under
Veronica Portillo Semester at Sea
Yes Duffy Semester at Sea

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