Cheyenne Floyd
Original Season AYTO? 3
Born October 19, 1992
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Game Summary
Challenges Rivals III (final)
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Money Won $12,500
Social Media
Twitter CHEYnotShy
Instagram cheynotshy


Rivals III

Bio: Devin rubbed everybody the wrong way on Are You the One? by flaunting a downright disrespectful attitude towards women, and Cheyenne was the loudest voice against him. Did Devin learn his lesson? Cheyenne sure hopes so, “We’re definitely opposites. In this house, I feel like a lot of attention is bad, so I just want to stay under the radar. Devin just wants to fly right above it!” Shockingly, it is Cheyenne that immediately becomes embroiled in steamy flirtations with a high-profile veteran. With his teammate distracted by romance, Devin unleashes a master plan to take over the entire game! Will these rookies prove that they have the competitive fire to last? Or will their magnetic attraction to drama brand them with targets on their backs?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Give Me Some Slack Devin OUT
6 Laps of Judgement SAFE
7 Road to Nowhere SAFE
8/9 Up All Night SAFE
10/11 Take It to the Grave SAFE
11 Catch and Release SAFE
12 Bridging the Gap SAFE
13/14 Final Challenge THIRD

Money Won: $12,500

Note: After losing in the first Jungle, Cheyenne and Devin were brought back to the competition prior to the second Jungle as a replacement team for Brandon and Briana.


Rivals III

Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
2 Back It Up OUT
Rivals III Cast Members
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VinceRivals3Icon JennaRivals3Icon
DevinRivals3Icon CheyenneRivals3Icon
Devin & Cheyenne
DarioRivals3Icon NicoleRivals3Icon
WesRivals3Icon NanyRivals3Icon
NateRivals3Icon ChristinaRivals3Icon
CoryRivals3Icon AshleyRivals3Icon
JamieRivals3Icon KellyAnneRivals3Icon
TonyRivals3Icon CamilaRivals3Icon
NelsonRivals3Icon AmandaRivals3Icon
ThomasRivals3Icon SimoneRivals3Icon
JohnnyRivals3Icon JessicaRivals3Icon
BrandonRivals3Icon BrianaRivals3Icon
LeroyRivals3Icon AvereyRivals3Icon
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