Chris Tamburello
Original Season RW: Paris
Born July 16, 1980
Hometown Boston, Massachusetts
Game Summary
Challenges The Inferno (final)
The Inferno II (final)
The Duel
The Inferno 3
The Gauntlet III (final)
The Duel II
Battle of the Exes (final)
Rivals II (won)
Free Agents
Battle of the Exes II
Invasion of the Champions (won)
XXX: Dirty 30 (final)
Eliminations 8 (5 wins, 3 losses)
Money Won $265,000
Spin-offs Champs vs. Pros
Champs vs. Stars (won)
Money Raised $60,000
Social Media
Twitter TheOfficial_CT
Instagram _famous4nothing


The Inferno

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Grope the Rope Real World SAFE
2 Bird Feeder SAFE
3 Wreck N' Roll SAFE
4 Climbing Wall WIN
5 Disco Domino Derby SAFE
6 Balls Out WIN
7 Ultimate Saturn Road Trip SAFE
8 Don't Yank My Chain SAFE
9 Come Sail Away SAFE
10 Bungee Bound INFERNO
11 Twist and Shoot SAFE
12 Balcony Swing WIN
13 Fallen Angels SAFE
14/15 Saturn Valet Ballet SAFE
15/17 Window Washing SAFE
18 Seven Deadly Sins LOSER

Money Won: $11,000

The Inferno II

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Surf Torture Bad Asses SAFE
2 Juice It Up WIN
3 X Marks the Spot SAFE
4 Run For Your Money SAFE
5 Shirt Off My Back SAFE
6 Dodge Yer Balls WIN
7 Fill in the Gaps SAFE
8 Zip Up WIN
9 Never Ending Climb SAFE
10 What a Drag WIN
11 Riddle Me This SAFE
12 Time to Ride SAFE
13 If Memory Serves SAFE
14 Crab Grab WIN
15 Heart Rate Bungee WIN
16 Montezuma's Revenge LOSER

Money Won: $10,000

The Duel

Bio: He's a sweet guy under his tough exterior -- he even sent tulips to his Paris roommates for Valentine's Day. Oops, our bad: he took credit for the flowers, even though he had nothing to do with the special delivery. If it will help him, he'll tell people what they want to hear even if it's a lie. His desire to win overrides any previous friendships he has with teammates -- remember how he taunted Leah to "step it up" during The Inferno? Harsh! But, he saved hometown friend David by taking his place in the Inferno. Taking a spin after eating a hefty helping of cookies and milk, CT's iron stomach saved him from elimination, but his Bad Guys were beaten in the final mission by the Good Guys. Back after a vacation from the Challenge, will this bad boy's good deed pay off with a big win?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Reaching Out N/A SAFE
2/3 Ring Toss SAFE
3 Pass With Care Diem SAFE
4 Roller Derby N/A SAFE
5 Push Over SAFE
6 Flying Leap WIN
7 Throwback Diem SAFE
8 Rafty Race N/A WIN
9 Pole Dance Team CT SAFE
10 Dine-N-Dash Team Diem SAFE
11 Stacking Stairs Diem SAFE
12 Ice Breakers N/A SAFE
13 Sunken Treasure Diem DUEL
14 Around the Block N/A WIN
15 Paddle Me Jodi DQ

Note: CT was disqualified from the "Push Me" duel after improperly unhooking the flag from the carabiner.

The Inferno 3

Bio: He's a sweet guy under his tough exterior -- he even sent tulips to his Paris roommates for Valentine's Day. Oops, our bad: he took credit for the flowers, even though he had nothing to do with the special delivery. We first saw proof of this softer side when he saved hometown friend David by taking his place in the Inferno. More recently on The Duel, we watched in amazement as romance blossomed between this notorious bad boy and Fresh Meat's Diem. Who could have imagined?! CT is epitome of a Challenge Bad Ass. Has Diem softened up this tough guy or will we see the rough and tough CT we all knew and loved to watch?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 N/A Bad Asses DQ

Note: Before any challenges took place, CT was removed from the game for drunkenly punching Davis.

The Gauntlet III

Bio: There's few who play the game quite like CT. A fast-talker, a notorious schemer, and most of all a loose cannon, CT left The Inferno 3 early after punching Davis in the eye. Before that, he had a vicious meltdown on The Duel after he lost to Brad, and threatened to "murder" Wes. CT's softer side came out on The Duel, when romance blossomed with Diem, making for the most unlikely "teaming" in Challenge history.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Piñata Pit Veterans WIN
2 Screw You WIN
Roped In WIN
3 Wring Out WIN
Blind Man's Maze SAFE
4 Push It WIN
Man Overboard WIN
5 Assembly Required SAFE
Walk the Plank WIN
6 Pole Push WIN
I Dig You WIN
7 Over the Edge SAFE
Mexican Blanket WIN
8/9 Chill Out SAFE
Well-Balanced SAFE
9 Army Strong LOSER

The Duel II

Bio: A Challenge veteran, CT is no stranger to fans of the series, who know him for being someone who will do anything to win -- including lie, cheat and steal. He's a hard-partier who has been kicked out of past competitions for drinking too much and fighting (remember the black eye he gave Davis before The Inferno 3 even got underway?). Since being on the losing side of the last Gauntlet finale, he's been traveling around the United States. But after finding out he was going to New Zealand for another shot at winning a Challenge, he says he's "been pumping a lot of iron in preparation. I've got more motivation than ever before."

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 N/A DQ

Note: Before any challenges took place, CT and Adam were both disqualified from the competition after they engaged in an ugly brawl.


Bio: Perhaps the most feared man in Challenge history, sexy bad-boy CT enters Rivals with a new attitude, revealing, "I've been staying out of trouble, surrounding myself with good people, trying to do the right thing and not be a knucklehead." While CT insists that his dark days are behind him, not everyone is buying his "Mr. Nice Guy" attitude makeover. This Challenge goliath's mere presence alone will put a target on his back. The men want CT out of the game. And as far as the women...look for this lady's man to get tangled up in a very messy -- and unexpected -- love triangle.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 High Dive Adam K. SAFE
2 Car Crusher WIN
3 Sync or Swim WIN
4 Hammock Crawl SAFE
5 Against the Current SAFE
6 Catch and Release JUNGLE
7 Sawed Off SAFE
8/9 Bombs Away OUT

Money Won: $1,000

Battle of the Exes

Bio: CT struck up a romance with Diem on The Duel and the relationship blossomed as Diem, a survivor of ovarian cancer, found solace with CT during her difficult recovery process. However, when Diem decided to focus all her energy on her career the two parted ways. Things took a darker turn, when the two exes returned for The Duel II and Adam told Diem that CT had been hooking up with Shauvon and they haven't spoken or seen each other since. News of their partnership has reopened old wounds for Diem who maintains, "I don't know what our dynamic is at this point other than the fact that I'm still angry. Like, I'm pissed." CT remains undeterred by Diem's rage, claiming, "There's no way she can be mad at me cause I won't let her be mad at me." Will bad boy, CT charm his way back into Diem's heart or will their turbulent past prove to be too much to overcome?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey Diem SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 Mental Connection SAFE
4 Rolling in the Deep SAFE
5 Don't Rock the Boat SAFE
6 Lube Me Up SAFE
7/8 Race to the Altar WIN
8/9 Feel the Burn WIN
9/10 Viking Quest SECOND

Money Won: $52,500

Rivals II

Bio: Wes and CT have one of the most infamous rivalries in Challenge history. Their tumultuous past dates all the way back to The Duel, and most recently flared up on Rivals when Wes tried to take CT out of the game. "I'm paired with someone who's threatened my family's life, who I've gotten in screaming matches with in four or five different countries, that I legitimately am scared of," Wes explains. However, these two savvy players understand they'll need to keep the peace in order to bring home a win. CT promises, "We may not be the best of friends now, and we may not be the best of friends in the end, but we both want to win. We're gonna give everyone a run for their money." Ever the bad-boy Romeo, CT ends up romancing his ex, Diem, but also cozies up to several other girls in the house for political purposes. Wes may finally have a pit bull for a partner, but can he keep him on his leash? Or will CT's impulsive personality send this power team packing?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Game of Inches Wes SAFE
2 XXX Games SAFE
3 Mind Over Splatter SAFE
4 Stumped SAFE
5 Frog Smash WIN
6 Frenemies SAFE
7 Blind Leading the Blind SAFE
8 Swingers WIN
9 Rampage WIN
10/11 Color Correction N/A
11/12 Dream Island WINNER
Nightmare Island

Money Won: $63,000

Free Agents

Bio: After ten seasons, Challenge legend CT finally notched a win, taking first place on Rivals II. One of the most respected and feared players in the game, CT is equal parts athlete and politician. While the Free Agents twist sends many of his fellow veterans scrambling, CT is already a step ahead. He cautions, “Sooner or later your number’s going to get called. I’ve always been a free agent and now everybody’s gonna have to play my game.” Can CT make it two wins in a row? Or will he relinquish his Challenge crown?

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Out on a Ledge Team Black WIN
2 Auto Body Rally Emilee SAFE
3 Bar Crawl Team Cara Maria SAFE
4 Bounce Out Team Red WIN
5 Piggy Back Team Yellow SAFE
6 Smarty Pants N/A SAFE
7 Sausage Party SAFE
8 Hold That Pose Team Devyn WIN
9 Dug Out Zach WIN
10/11 Crossover Cara Maria ELIM
11 N/A OUT

Battle of the Exes II

Bio: CT and Diem hold the record for the longest standing love story in Challenge history. After meeting on The Duel, CT fell for Diem when she bravely removed her wig for a mud challenge, fresh after a battle with ovarian cancer. The two continued their romance off the show and fell deeply in love. However, their relationship hit rocky ground when Diem set her focus on her career. The pair overcame their obstacles and won second place on Battle of the Exes, but their trust was damaged at the end of Rivals II, when Diem felt betrayed by CT’s political game. CT admits, “I’m looking forward to redeeming myself with Diem. This is Diem’s game. Diem deserves to win.” CT and Diem weathered many storms, and their epic on-again, off-again love sustained over the years. Diem explains, “Seeing CT here gives me some sort of relief that somebody is somewhat in my corner. This Challenge will show what type of relationship we have.”

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 I Got You Babe Diem SAFE
2 Rounding the Bases SAFE
3 N/A DQ

Note: Diem fell severely ill following the "Rounding the Bases" challenge. T.J. later delivered the news that Diem was medically unable to continue competing. CT was sent home as a result of being partnered with Diem.

Invasion of the Champions

Bio: CT makes a triumphant return to The Challenge after a three-year absence. Since going off the grid, this reformed Boston bad boy has emerged with a new outlook on life, “I used to have a chip on my shoulder but I'm not that same guy anymore. Life is funny. It's up and down for sure, but right now I'm in a high point in my life and I’m excited to be back.” But don’t be fooled, this power player is ready to smash heads on the battlefield and show these new kids why he is a legend. And in a moment that you will never see coming, CT will reveal the shocking reason he needs to win the money and leave viewers speechless.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
5/6 Knockout Champions SAFE
7 Roll with the Punches SAFE
8 Curry Up SAFE
9/10 Fallout WIN
10 Crossover SAFE
11/12 X-It SAFE
12/13 Caved In FORTRESS
14/15 Final Challenge Camila WINNER
Ashley M.

Money Won: $112,500

Note: CT invaded the competition prior to the "Knockout" challenge as part of a season twist.

XXX: Dirty 30

Bio: CT is undeniably The Challenge’s number-one bad boy, with seasons worth of arguments under his belt. From being disqualified in the middle of an elimination (The Duel) to getting sent home for fighting (The Duel II), CT is still as dirty as ever. The Invasion of the Champions gold medalist insists he has changed through the years -- but will his past tendencies to throw down emerge because he's surrounded by all of these (fellow) dirty players?

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
2/3 Cool Under Fire N/A WIN
3/4 Battle Royale Green Team WIN
6/7 Pirates' Treasure Cara Maria WIN
7/8 Ups and Downs Dark Blue Team WIN
8/9 Talk Thirty to Me N/A SAFE
11/12 Saved by the Bell Team Hunter WIN
12/13 Blackout Pink Team OUT
15/16 X Marks the Spot Cara Maria WIN
Snaking Your Way Back In N/A SAFE
16/17 Final Challenge Tori THIRD
Cara Maria

Money Won: $15,000

Note: CT was unable to arrive with the rest of his castmates due to passport issues and joined the game prior to the "Cool Under Fire" challenge. Despite being eliminated in Episode 13, CT returned to the competition in Episode 15 after defeating multiple players in "Redemption".


The Inferno

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
10 Don't Toss Your Cookies Shane WIN

The Duel

Episode Duel Opponent Result
13 Ascender Evan WIN
15 Push Me Brad DQ


Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
6 Rail Slide Adam K. Evan WIN
8/9 T-Bone Johnny OUT

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Opponent Result
10/11 Wrecking Wall Leroy WIN
11 Puzzle Pyramid Bananas OUT

Invasion of the Champions

Episode Fortress Opponent Result
12/13 Knot So Fast Darrell WIN

Spin-off Gameplay

Champs vs. Pros

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Against the Ropes Champs SAFE
2 Tailgate BBQ SAFE
3/4 Out of Bounds SAFE
4 Keep Your Eye on the Prize SAFE
5 Over the Line WIN
6 No Guts, No Glory OUT

Money Raised: $5,000

Champs vs. Stars

Bio: Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello is the The Challenge’s number one bad boy, with seasons full of arguments, fights, finals, and championships under his belt. Known for dominating in every type of competition, ‘CT’ is equally strong at food and puzzle challenges as well as challenges that require strength and endurance. With a track record full of fist fights and shouting matches, ‘CT’ has no problem calling people out and telling them to back off – Stars beware.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Tow Truck Champs SAFE
2/3 Parkour the Course SAFE
3/4 Slam Ball SAFE
4 Push Ball SAFE
5 Jumbo Foosball SAFE
6 Flag Pole WIN
7/8 Sink or Swim SAFE
8 Championship Series WINNER

Money Raised: $55,000



  • CT made a surprise appearance during Episodes 8 and 9 of Cutthroat as a 'heavy hitter' to compete against Johnny and Tyler in the Gulag. The two players would each face CT in the Back Up Off Me elimination in an attempt to outlast the other.
  • CT made two surprise appearances during Episodes 8 and 9 of Battle of the Bloodlines. In Episode 8, he was brought in with Diem's younger sister, Faith, to demonstrate the Too Clingy challenge as a tribute to Diem. In Episode 9, he was brought back again as a 'heavy hitter' to compete against Jamie in the Pit.
  • CT currently holds the record for competing in the most seasons before winning.
  • CT is the only cast member to be disqualified from The Challenge twice due to physical violence.

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