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Dan Renzi
Dan R
Original Season RW: Miami
Born July 2, 1974
Hometown Overland Park, Kansas
Game Summary
Challenges Extreme Challenge (won)
Battle of the Sexes
The Inferno II
Eliminations 2 (1 win, 1 loss)
Money Won $19,333
Social Media
Instagram d.renzi


Extreme Challenge

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Ring of Fire Real World WIN
1/2 Rope Courses LOSE
2 Blimp Water Skiing WIN
3 Fisherman's Wharf WIN
4 No Laughing Matter WIN
5 Rollerball Resurrection LOSE
6 N/A N/A
7 Wrestling With the Past LOSE
8 Human Foosball Yellow Team WIN
9 Sub-Standard Real World WIN
10 Bring It On LOSE
11 Breath-Taking LOSE
12 Tough Guy WIN
13 Defying Gravity WIN
14 Famous Couples Fashion Show WIN
15 Medi-Evil WIN
15/16 Operation Human Shield WIN
17 Toyota Motorsports WIN
Race to the Finish WINNER

Money Won: $19,333

Battle of the Sexes

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Sergeant Says Men SAFE
3 Dead Man's Drop SAFE
4 Tree House WIN
5 Breath-Hold Bungee SAFE
6 N/A N/A
7 Seven Rings of Saturn SAFE
8 Freeze Your Butt Off OUT
9 People Mover OUT

NOTE: Dan was originally voted off in Episode 8 but was brought back into the competition after Puck quit the game.

The Inferno II

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Surf Torture Bad Asses INFERNO
2 Juice It Up INFERNO
3 X Marks the Spot SAFE
4 Run For Your Money SAFE
5 Shirt Off My Back SAFE
6 Dodge Yer Balls SAFE
7 Fill in the Gaps SAFE
8 Zip Up SAFE
9 Never Ending Climb SAFE
10 What a Drag SAFE
11 Riddle Me This SAFE
12 Time to Ride SAFE
13 If Memory Serves INFERNO
14 Crab Grab OUT


The Inferno II

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
2 Hang Tough Jon WIN
14 Pegged Landon OUT


  • Dan is the first cast member to return to the game after previously being eliminated.

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