Following each challenge, a team or a cast member is voted into an elimination round to take on the least successful team from the previous mission. In elimination rounds, they must compete against one another to determine which one is eliminated from the season. Each season has its own, very distinct elimination round, distinguished from those of other seasons in title, design, and general atmosphere.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet was the first elimination format to be used in the series during the original season of The Gauntlet. In this location, both the Real World and Road Rules teams would vote in a player of their choosing to compete in elimination. The game for that match would be chosen by the roll of a die. There was one die with specific games for opposite-sex matchups as well as a die for same-sex matchups.

  • Ride 'Em Cowboy: Two competitors would hold on to a mechanical bull with just one hand; whoever falls off first loses.
  • Dead Man's Drop: Two competitors are suspended 10 feet into the air on a pole. They then attempt to hold on to the pole by hanging upside down with their legs.
  • Hangman: Similar to Dead Man's Drop; competitors are still suspended 10 feet into the air, only they hang on the pole with their hands and are positioned right side up.
  • Perfect Fit: Two competitors first must jump into a pool and pick up their respective puzzle pieces (which are scattered about the pool). After getting their puzzle pieces, they then must make the puzzle.
  • Knock Your Block Off: Two competitors joust on a beam right above a pool. Whoever gets knocked off first loses.
  • Pole Climb: Two competitors climb a 10-foot pole. Whoever gets to the top first pulls a lever that drops the opponent's pole into the pool.
Episode Gauntlet Winner Loser
1 Dead Man's Drop Sarah David
2 Ride 'Em Cowboy Katie Montana
3 Perfect Fit Steve Tonya
4 Hangman Rachel B. Katie
5 Dead Man's Drop Coral Tina
6 Dead Man's Drop Sarah Matt
7 Knock Your Block Off Cara Elka
8 Perfect Fit Trishelle Steve
9 Perfect Fit Sarah Trishelle
10 Ride 'Em Cowboy Sarah Rachel B.
11 Pole Climb Alton Laterrian
12 Knock Your Block Off Mike Abram
13 Dead Man's Drop Sarah Irulan
14/15 Ride 'Em Cowboy Cara Theo G.

The Gauntlet 2

The Gauntlet would be reused as an elimination format in the sequel season The Gauntlet 2. For this season, a male and female captain were determined at the beginning of the season for both the Rookies and Veterans teams. After each team challenge, the losing team captain was sent to the Gauntlet where they would face an opponent of the same sex voted in by their team. Gauntlets alternated between "Male Gauntlets" and "Female Gauntlets" and Gauntlet games were chosen by spinning a wheel.

  • Name That Coconut: Players had to find the coconut with the name of the person that is the answer to a Real World/Road Rules trivia question.
  • Beach Brawl: Players had to wrestle their opponent out of a ring.
  • Capture the Flag: Players had to climb up a 20-foot (approx. 6 meters) rope net to get a flag.
  • Reverse Tug-O-War: Players are tied to each other, facing away from each other. First to get their flag wins.
  • Sticky Situation: Players had to stick balls to a board as their opponent tries to stop you.
  • Knock Off: The wheel never landed on this challenge; the rules and gameplay of the challenge are unknown.
  • Spin Again: If a Gauntlet challenge was done 3 times, the next time there is a Gauntlet, that challenge is taken off the wheel for that instance and is replaced by Spin Again.
  • Captain's Choice: The captain of the team going into the Gauntlet will choose which challenge he or she will be doing.
  • Challenger's Choice: The person the team chose to oppose the captain in the Gauntlet will choose which challenge he or she will be doing.
Episode Gauntlet Losing Team Winner Loser
2 Name That Coconut Veterans Derrick Adam L.
3 Capture the Flag Rookies N/A
4 Beach Brawl Rookies Alton Danny
5 Reverse Tug-O-War Veterans Ruthie Jisela
6 Capture the Flag Rookies Alton Adam K.
7 Reverse Tug-O-War Veterans Beth Ruthie
8 Beach Brawl Veterans Derrick Ace
9 Reverse Tug-O-War Veterans Beth Montana
10 Beach Brawl Veterans Derrick Syrus
11 Name That Coconut Rookies Kina Cara
12 Capture the Flag Rookies Alton Jeremy
13 Beach Brawl Veterans N/A
14 Name That Coconut Veterans Derrick Brad
15 Sticky Situation Rookies Kina Jillian
16/17 Reverse Tug-O-War Veterans Timmy Derrick

Note: In Episodes 3 and 13, Cameran and Beth were both selected to go into the Gauntlet against Kina and Aneesa respectively, but both women withdrew and voluntarily gave the win to their opponents.

The Gauntlet III

In The Gauntlet III, the Gauntlet is once again re-used in the Rookies versus Veterans format. After each team challenge, the winning team selects a member of the losing team (depending on which gender Gauntlet day it is) to protect from the Gauntlet as well as another member to compete in the Gauntlet. The losing team then selects one of its own players to compete against the already selected player in the Gauntlet. After both players are selected, T.J. spins a wheel to determine which game will be played in the Gauntlet. This season there are some minor rules such as no player can be saved from the Gauntlet twice in a row, and no Gauntlet game can be played consecutively.

  • Force Field: The two competitors are joined together by a rope that goes over the top of them by a pulley system. For one player to move forward he has to drag the other backwards. Each competitor starts at their line and at the start of the Gauntlet they both race to cross their opponents line. First one to do this wins.
  • Ram It Home: The two competitors start with a wall at their back and a sled that hangs on an overhead track in front of them. They must then use the sled to push each other. The first player to push their opponent all the way back into their own wall wins the Gauntlet.
  • Ball Brawl: The two competitors have to return footballs, which are aligned in a longitudinal pattern, back the starting point. Beginning with the nearest ball, the competitors both race at the same time to get the ball, and they are allowed to tackle the person and strip the ball. The five balls are each contested separately (not continuously). The first three balls, black, are worth 1 point. The last two balls are white, and worth two points each. The first person to get four points wins.
  • Sliders: The two competitors each have to solve a slide puzzle at the same time. They are 16 space puzzle boards and each of them has the same design, and are given a picture of what the final design should look like. One of them is blue, the other red. Their teammates (and the opposing team) are allowed to watch and help them solve it.
  • Ankle Breaker: Ankle Breaker is a variation of Tug Of War with both participants tied together by one ankle. They have to pull their opponent through the sand until they reach a rope which will help them reach the finish line.
Episode Gauntlet Losing Team Winner Loser
1 Force Field Rookies Nehemiah Alex
2 Ram It Home Rookies Jillian Angel
Force Field Rookies Frank Tyler
3 Ball Brawl Rookies Jillian Brooke
Sliders Veterans Evan Johnny
4 Ball Brawl Rookies Jillian Janelle
Sliders Rookies Frank Zach
5 Ball Brawl Veterans Coral Beth
Sliders Rookies Ryan Derek
6 Ball Brawl Rookies Tori Melinda
Ankle Breaker Rookies Frank MJ
7 Ball Brawl Veterans Evelyn Casey
Ram It Home Rookies Nehemiah Ryan
8 Sliders Veterans Paula Katie
8/9 Ball Brawl Veterans Adam Danny

The Inferno

The Inferno

The Inferno is introduced as a new elimination location in The Inferno. In this format featuring Real World versus Road Rules, after each team challenge, teams would nominate two players from their own team for the Inferno. Each team would then select one of the two nominees from the opposing team to go into The Inferno. Unlike the Gauntlet, there would be another challenge with an immunity life-saver up for grabs before the actual Inferno would take place which allowed nominated players to save themselves from facing elimination and elect another member of their team to compete. The Infernos are split between male and female elimination days.

  • Bug Helmet: The contestants put their heads into glass boxes filled with hundreds of cockroaches with syrup covering their face. The player who stays in their box the longest wins.
  • Chili Counter: The player who eats the most chilis in a one-hour sitting wins. Played By: Holly vs. Trishelle
  • Human Candelabra: The two players have a candle in each hand while holding their arm's out straight, the player who holds that position the longest wins.
  • Noise Pollution: Each player must wear a set of headphones while standing on a two-foot high platform for two hours. If there is a tie, then the players must stand on a four-inch block with one leg, the last person standing wins.
  • Don't Toss Your Cookies: The players must eat cookies and drink milk, then get onto a spinning platform for 10 minutes, they continue this until one of the players vomits. The player who does not vomit wins the Inferno.
  • Scratchathon: Each player is covered in itching powder and must walk on a treadmill for three hours, whoever outlasts there opponent wins. In the event of a tie, each contestant must jump rope, whoever jump ropes the longest wins the Inferno.
  • Brick by Brick: The players must transfer their bricks one at a time from one pile to the next, while walking across a plank. Players are disqualified if they drop a brick, break one, or fall off the plank. Whoever has transferred the most bricks at the end of three and a half hours wins.
  • Smell You Later: The contestants are each placed into their own plexiglass coffins, after every half hour for the first hour and a half, another layer of bad smelling substances are added to the coffins. At the end of four hours, if both players are still in their coffins, each player must hold their breath in the water, whoever holds it the longest wins the Inferno.
Episode Inferno Winner Loser
2 Bug Helmet Jeremy Ace
4 Chili Counter Holly Trishelle
6 Human Candelabra Mike Jeremy
8 Noise Pollution Christena Mallory
10 Don't Toss Your Cookies CT Shane
12 Scratchathon Katie Julie
14/15 Brick by Brick Kendal Leah
15/17 Smell You Later Katie David

The Inferno II

Players once again face The Inferno in The Inferno II. In this format now featuring players split between the Good Guys and Bad Asses, the rules for elimination are mostly the same from The Inferno, except this time the teams only select one player from the opposing team for elimination, with everyone available for nomination on the respective male or female Inferno days.

  • Hang Tough: Contestants had to hang on monkey bars and try and knock their opponent off. The last player standing wins the Inferno.
  • Shack Attack: Each player will be shackled by the waist to a wall and must run across the field to retrieve a key that will unlock their harness. The first player to unlock their harness wins the Inferno.
  • Knock Your Block Off: Each contestant will wear a helmet with a block fastened on top. The object of the game is to try and knock the block off their opponent's head using a pugle stick. Whoever knocks their opponents block off wins the Inferno. Originally from The Gauntlet.
  • That's a Wrap: The objective is to mummify yourself using a long spool of cloth. The first person to completely finish their spool and run across the field to their team flag wins the Inferno.
  • Balls In: Each player will be given five chances to get as many balls inside a basket. If a player steps out of the ring the basket is surrounded by, their ball is considered "dead." The player who has more baskets than their opponent wins the Inferno.
  • Patchwork: Each player will be harnessed to a bungee while wearing a gymsuit with 27 patches. The object is to rip off all the patches from the opposing player and place as many patches as they can in their basket. The player with the most patches in their basket wins the Inferno.
  • Pegged: Each player must climb to the top of a wall using two pegs. The player who can get to the top of the wall and rip their flag off wins the Inferno.
  • Spinner: Each player will be strapped to a giant wheel and will be spun at different speeds. The player the holds on to their team flag the longest wins the Inferno.
Episode Inferno Winner Loser
2 Hang Tough Dan Jon
4 Shack Attack Tina Robin
6 Knock Your Block Off Landon Karamo
8 That's a Wrap Veronica Jodi
10 Balls In Abram Brad
12 Patchwork Tonya Julie
14 Pegged Landon Dan
15 Spinner Tonya Shavonda

The Inferno 3

The Inferno 3 follows the same format as the previous Inferno with the following difference: life shields can only be won by players of the respective gender for that elimination day.

  • Head Rush: The players hang upside down by their ankles and must swing around collecting puzzle pieces. They must then construct the puzzle correctly.
  • Ejection: Both opponents must use jousting sticks to hit each other's targets—which in turn causes their opponent's platform to tilt 15 degrees each time the target is hit, until the opponent falls off. The first person to knock their opponent off three times wins.
  • Watch Your Back: A game of tag that takes place on a platform with four ladders. One player starts on top of the platform while the other player starts on the floor. When T.J. blows the whistle, they have to chase each other until one of them either tags or passes the other. The first person to score twice wins and the loser will be sent packing.
  • Spokesmodel: The two players climb to the top of a giant wheel; once T.J. sounds his air horn the wheel begins to spin, the longer the two players remain on the wheel, the faster it will spin. The player that remains on the wheel for the longest amount of time will be the winner.
  • Smash House: In this Inferno both contestants are given a metal ring and placed in a three glass boxes, each one smaller than the next, that are suspended in mid air. After the start is announced, both contestants must race against each other in order to break all of the different panes of glass, the contestant who can achieve this fastest is the winner.
  • Zero Gravity: Both players are put into harnesses that are attached to seventy-five-percent of their weight, making it very easy to climb the ladder, but very difficult to come down. At the top of the ladder there are eight flags; the first player to get four of the eight flags attached at the bottom of the ladder is the winner.
  • Corner Ball: Each person stood on opposite sides of a wall that was 9 feet long and in a triangle with a rugby ball in between them. Once T.J. says go, they both go for the ball and try to get the ball to the other person's side of the wall. The first person to get 3 of the rugby balls to the other person's side is the winner.
  • Shimmy: The opponents must shimmy up between walls, ripping off team flags along the way. The first one to rip off the flag at the top of the walls wins.
Episode Inferno Winner Loser
2/3 Head Rush Alton Tyrie
4 Ejection Jenn Rachel
6 Watch Your Back Davis Danny
8 Spokesmodel Jenn Colie
10 Smash House Abram Timmy
12 Zero Gravity Susie Jenn
14 Corner Ball Derrick Davis
15 Shimmy Paula Aneesa

Note: At the "Smash House" Inferno, Timmy broke all of his glass panes plus the last pane first. But T.J. delivered the news that Timmy actually missed a pane of glass. The win was then given to Abram, and Timmy was disqualified and sent home.

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat introduced a new elimination format, Exile. In this format, following each daily challenge the winning pair nominates another pair for Exile. Following this, the remaining pairs get together to vote for the other Exile pair. Following each Exile nomination, the pairs are able to compete in another challenge in which nominated pairs are allowed to win a pardon from Exile and nominate another team for elimination. Exile is a race between two pairs. Unlike the elimination games of other seasons of The Challenge, the remaining pairs do not watch the battle between the two Exile pairs. The Exile pairs run a course and whoever crosses the finish line first stays, while the other pair goes home. Along the way, there are two optional puzzle stations where, if the puzzle is solved correctly, they will get a prize that will benefit them in the race (such as dropping their bags or taking minutes off their total time.) To make matters more difficult, each member will be carrying bags equal to the weight of the luggage they brought to the Challenge. There are three different Exile courses on this season: Beach, Forest, and Cliffside. Each Exile contains a start, a finish, and two puzzles; however, the terrain of the course may affect a team's performance.

Episode Exile Winning pair Losing pair
2 Beach Course Wes & Casey Danny & Evelyn
4 Forest Course Wes & Casey Melinda & Ryan
6 Cliffside Course Wes & Casey Johanna & Jesse
8 Forest Course Wes & Casey Tonya & Johnnie
10 Beach Course Tina & Kenny Katie & Eric
12 Cliffside Course Wes & Casey Shane & Linette
14 Beach Course Tina & Kenny Theo & Chanda
15 Forest Course Darrell & Aviv Derrick & Diem

Fresh Meat II

Fresh Meat II follows the same format as the original Fresh Meat, with the following difference: pairs do not participate in a follow-up challenge prior to the Exile. Therefore, the pairs that are selected for Exile do not have a chance to win a pardon and replace themselves with a non-winning pair from the previous challenge.

  • Lost and Found: Pairs are given a map and must carry two weighted backpacks while running through a course in the woods. Along the way they must complete several puzzles. The first pair to reach the finish line wins.
  • Weight For Me: Pairs must race up a mountain and complete various brain teaser puzzles. Along the way, they must carry weight of 100 pounds on their shoulders, distributed whichever way they want.
  • Weight For Me: Black Out: The Exile is played the same as Weight For Me, but played at nighttime. Instead of 100 pounds, the pairs must carry around 150 pounds of weight distributed in whichever way they want.
Episode Exile Winning pair Losing pair
1 Lost and Found Jillian & Pete Darrell & Cara Maria
2 Weight For Me Kenny & Laurel Sarah & Vinny
3 Lost and Found Evelyn & Luke Paula & Jeff
4 Weight For Me N/A
5 Lost and Found Jillian & Pete Danny & Sandy
6 Weight For Me Landon & Carley CJ & Sydney
7 Lost and Found Evelyn & Luke Wes & Mandi
8/9 Weight For Me: Black Out Landon & Carley Evelyn & Luke
9/10 Weight For Me: Black Out Jenn & Noor Ryan & Theresa

Note: No Exile was held in Episode 4. CJ & Sydney were selected for Exile, but did not have to compete, because the team that was chosen to face them — Katelynn & Brandon — was disqualified after Brandon consumed alcohol prior to the Exile. It had been implied, though, that Katelynn would have been physically incapable of competing after she suffered a severe knee injury during the "King Of The Wall" challenge.

The Duel

The Duel

In The Duel, eliminations are designated by male or female Duel days. During nomination, the winner of the gender designated for the Duel is safe from being sent in and begins a voting process by voting for a member of the opposite gender, who then selects a member of the original gender. This process continues until there is one person remaining of the selected Duel gender of the day; this remaining person is assigned to compete in the Duel that evening. The person "voted" into the Duel then selects a competitor of the same gender to go against him/her that night, for the exception of that day's challenge winner, and randomly selects from one of four cards held by T.J. to determine the Duel game in which the two players will compete.

  • I Can: Players bet on how many specific items they can lift in a cart, such as watermelons, logs, or coffee bags.
  • Ascender: Players must climb a rope, pull another rope to release a basket containing puzzle pieces, and climb back down the rope to assemble a tiling puzzle similar to a tangram.
  • Pole Wrestle: Players are placed at the center of a circle and are asked to place both hands on a wooden pole approximately 2 feet (0.61 m) in length. The first contestant to wrestle the pole out of his or her opponent's hands wins the Duel.
  • Push Me: This Duel features a pole several yards long, fixed to the ground in the center. A flag is attached by a carabiner to the ground a few yards in front of the pole. Players stand on opposite ends of the pole on the side away from the flag. Each player pushes the pole toward the flag; since the pole is fixed in the center, the players are pushing against each other. They must unclip the flag from the ground (and not merely rip it off the carabiner holding it) to win.
Episode Duel Winner Loser
1 I Can Tyler Johnny
2 N/A
3 Ascender Derrick Tyler
4 Pole Wrestle Aneesa Paula
5 Ascender Nehemiah Kenny
6 Pole Wrestle Robin Casey
7 I Can Eric Nehemiah
8 Push Me Svetlana Beth
9 Pole Wrestle Wes Derrick
10 Ascender Aneesa Robin
11 Pole Wrestle Brad Eric
12 Push Me Svetlana Kina
13 Ascender CT Evan
14 I Can Aneesa Diem
15 Push Me Brad CT
I Can Svetlana Aneesa


  • No Duel was held during Episode 2 due to Tina's disqualification from the game.
  • In Episodes 8 and 15, Beth and CT were both disqualified from the "Push Me" Duel against Svetlana and Brad respectively after failing to properly unhook their carabiners.

The Duel II

The Duel II follows the same format as the original Duel with the following differences: the male and female winners of each challenge are both safe from entering the Duel, and have to agree on one person (regardless of gender) to potentially save from the Duel. The first person chosen then selects a player of the opposite gender, and so forth. Additionally, the last male and female cast member that are not chosen will both compete in the Duel and select a competitor of their respective gender to go against them.

  • The Elevator: The competitors are placed in two separate cages with a pulling chain inside. Each competitor must pull the chain that is inside of his/her cage, and with each pull, the opponent's cage is raised. The competitor who's cage reaches the top first loses.
  • Back Off: Each competitor has a hook attached to his/her back. The challenger must take the hook off of the opponent's back and place it on a ring on at the side of the arena. The first challenger to successfully hook his/her opponent's hook to the ring twice wins the challenge.
  • Duel Pole Dancing: A totem pole-like structure is located in the center of the arena. Around the outside of the pole are climbing holds for the competitors to use to make their ascent. The first competitor to reach the top of the pole and ring a bell wins the challenge.
  • Push Over: There is a large wooden plank placed on the ground. This Duel is won by knocking a challenger off the plank twice.
  • Spot On: There are two rock-climbing walls, one for each challenger. There is a pattern that is designed on each wall. The pattern is not complete, though, and each challenger must use the pieces given to them in order to complete the pattern. The first challenger to complete the pattern wins.
Episode Duel Winner Loser
1/2 The Elevator Ryan Nick
Back Off Aneesa Shauvon
2 Duel Pole Dancing Kimberly Robin
Push Over MJ Ryan
3 Back Off Brittini Brooke
Spot On Evan Davis
4 Push Over Jenn Katie
The Elevator Evan Nehemiah
5 Spot On Landon Isaac
Back Off Kimberly Ruthie
6 Duel Pole Dancing Derek Eric
Push Over Jenn Kimberly
7 The Elevator MJ Dunbar
Back Off Aneesa Paula
8 Spot On Evan Derek
Push Over Diem Jenn
9/10 Duel Pole Dancing Brad MJ
The Elevator Aneesa Tori
10 Back Off Brad Landon
Push Over Brittini Diem

The Ruins

In The Ruins, before every challenge, the Champions and Challengers teams each select three players of each gender within their team to be nominated for the Ruins. After the challenge, the six nominees from the winning team pick one guy and one girl among themselves, as well as one guy and one girl from the losing team's nominees to battle against in the Ruins.

  • Shoots and Ladders: Players build a ladder with bamboo poles in front of them. Once their ladder is 100% percent, they race to the top and hit their gong. The first person to do so wins.
  • Shadowfighter: Standing in two separate platforms and tied together by a series of ropes by the feet and hands, the challengers must use the ropes to make the opponent fall off the platform. The first to three points wins.
  • Burnout: Players extinguish a fire by steering water from a center pipe, with a wheel, into the opponent's barrel. Once the barrel becomes full, it spills into a gutter, leading to a pot filled with burning cigars. The first person to extinguish their opponent's fire wins.
  • Oh Ring: A player from each team tries to wrestle a ring away from their opponent, while suspended above the ground from their feet. The first player to wrestle the ring away from their opponent twice wins.
  • Spool: Players weave a rope through an obstacle course, under and over bamboo poles. The first player to weave their rope through the obstacle course and ring their gong wins.
  • Hog Tie: While suspended from carabiners by their wrists and feet under a large bamboo pole, players try to shimmy their way from one end of the pole to the other, grab a key halfway through, then unlock the carabiners with the key, while laying on a platform. Once a player has unlocked the carabiners, he/she can return to the ground, then race back to the beginning side of the pole to ring a gong.
  • Crunch: Players are hanging upside down in a crunch position by their legs from bamboo poles, with their heads partially submerged in separate water tanks. The players try to maintain 40-lb. weights on their chests by using their ab muscles, while trying to keep their heads above water. The opponent wins if a player surrenders by pulling an emergency lever inside the tank, which releases all the water.
  • Rag Doll: Within a circle, the player who wrestles a rope away from their opponent wins.
  • Muay Thai: Players "karate-kick" the bottoms of bamboo poles that are hanging in a vertical row of an obstacle course. The first player to kick and break every bamboo pole and ring their gong wins.
Episode Ruins Winner Loser
1 Shoots and Ladders Wes Chet
Tonya Diem
2 Shadowfighter KellyAnne Evelyn
Wes Nick
3 Burnout Susie Brianna
Syrus Adam
4 Oh Ring Sarah Katie
Darrell Danny
5 Spool Cohutta Wes
Kimberly Ibis
6 Hog Tie Cohutta Syrus
KellyAnne Veronica
7 Crunch Sarah Johanna
Darrell Cohutta
8/9 Rag Doll Susie Kimberly
Johnny Dunbar
9 Muay Thai Susie Casey

Note: No male Ruins was held at the end of Episode 9, after all the men from the Challengers team had already been eliminated.


In Cutthroat, the Blue, Grey, and Red teams compete in the Gulag. The team who won the daily challenge is exempt from the Gulag while the other two teams are forced to vote in one player of each gender from their own teams for possible elimination in a secret ballot. In the event a vote is tied, a run-off vote is conducted. If the run-off does not resolve the tie, the player going into the Gulag from the opposing team selects any (same-sex) member of the other team to send to the Gulag.

  • Handcuffs: Players have to wrestle rings out of their opponent's hands. The first player to wrestle rings out of their opponent's hands five times wins.
  • Back Up Off Me: Players are tied to each other, back-to-back, and have to drag their opponent to knock over their own barrel. The first player to knock over their own barrel twice wins.
  • Die Hard: Players have to stand, kneel on and roll oversize dice, without any body parts touching the ground. The players have to match the number that T. J. Lavin rolls prior to the Gulag. The first player to roll their die into a designated square with the matching number facing up wins.
  • Swat: Players are chained by their necks at a table, and have to slap each other in the face with fly swatters (while wearing protective goggles). After multiple rounds of "swatting", players have to hold up a bucket filled with dirt with one arm, while continuing to slap their opponent in the face with fly swatters. The opponent wins if a player drops their bucket to the ground.
  • Pole Me Over: Players have to grab a pole, and push their opponent backwards toward their own barrels. The first player to knock over their opponent's barrels twice wins.
Episode Gulag Winner Loser
1 Handcuffs Brandon Derek
Camila Emilee
2 Back Up Off Me Brandon JD
Cara Maria Mandi
3 Die Hard Eric Vinny
4 Swat Katie Ayiiia
Luke Eric
5 Pole Me Over Brandon Ty
Camila Katie
6 Handcuffs Emily Melinda
Derrick Brandon
7 Die Hard Dunbar Dan
Laurel Camila
8/9 Back Up Off Me Tori Theresa
Tyler Johnny
9/10 Pole Me Over Tyler Derrick
Emily Paula


  • Katie and Shauvon were set to compete in the "Die Hard" Gulag in Episode 3; however, Shauvon quit the game out of respect for her teammates. Therefore, no female Gulag was held.
  • Johnny, Tyler, Theresa and Tori were selected for the Gulag in Episode 8. However, instead of facing off in same-gender Gulags, each player was met with a shocking twist when CT and Tina were brought into the game. Each player was set up in same-gender battles to face CT and Tina, respectively, in the "Back Up Of Me" Gulag, in a competition for who could knock over their own barrel faster.



In Rivals, pairs compete in the Jungle. Following the daily challenge which is designated as either a male or female Jungle day, the winning team whose gender is designated for the Jungle wins immunity, while the team that finishes last is automatically sent to the Jungle. A public vote is cast to determine which team of the same gender will face the last-place finisher in the Jungle.

  • Hand On: Each player starts on a platform, leaning into their own partner. When T.J. pulls a lever, the platforms will slowly separate until it becomes difficult to keep balance. The team that falls into a mud pit first loses.
  • Blast Off: Players are attached to their partners, matched up two-on-two in football helmets and shoulder pads against their opponents in a circle, and have to tackle their opponent out of the circle. The first team to tackle their opponent out of the circle three times wins.
  • Door Jam: A wall is placed in between two teams. The wall has many doors that rotate to either side. Once the door is rotated to the "Rivals" logo, the door is claimed by that team at the end of the challenge. However, each team has the chance to turn the logo back to their side. The team with more doors with the "Rivals" logo facing them after five minutes wins.
  • Going Up: Each player runs and jumps into a water pit, and has to climb up their assigned rope to the top to ring a bell. If a tie occurs with one player from each team winning, then those two players will face off in a one-on-one elimination, with the player who makes it to the top first winning the Jungle for their team.
  • Unburied: One player is taken away ahead of time and locked in a coffin, buried under a pile of hay. The other partner must dig through the hay to find their partner, but they don't know which pile contains their partner. After they successfully get their partner out, they must solve a complicated brain-teaser puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle will win the Jungle.
  • Rail Slide: Players are hanging from a pipe 25 feet above the ground, and have to slide their pipe together from one side of an obstacle course to the other. The first team to slide their pipe to the end of the obstacle course wins.
  • T-Bone: Players run up and down, through intersecting half-pipes, and have to transfer colored balls to their partner's ball rack. The first team to transfer five balls to their partner's ball rack wins.
Episode Jungle Winning pair Losing pair
1 Hands On Evelyn & Paula Aneesa & Robin
2 Blast Off Kenny & Wes Davis & Tyrie
3 Door Jam Cara Maria & Laurel Camila & Theresa
4 Going Up Kenny & Wes Brandon & Ty
5 Unburried Jasmine & Jonna Katelynn & Sarah
6 Rail Slide Adam K. & CT Evan & Nehemiah
7 Blast Off Cara Maria & Laurel Jasmine & Jonna
8/9 T-Bone Johnny & Tyler Adam K. & CT

Rivals II

Rivals II follows the same format as the original Rivals with the following differences: unlike the original Rivals, only the girls can vote in guys for the Jungle, and vice versa.

  • Last Chance: Much like Hall Brawl from Battle of the Seasons, players must run through a narrow hallway past another contestant to ring a bell. Both teams will have one offensive player and one defensive player. The offensive player who gets past the defensive players and rings the bell first in two out of three heats, wins the elimination.
  • Hanging by a Thread: Both teams are suspended upside down from a swing, and must use tiny saws to cut through a rope that is connected to the opposing team's swing. The first team to cut the rope and dunk their opponents in the water below wins the elimination.
  • Snapper: Played within a large circle, one player from each team has to swing and break a wooden stick at their opponent, while blindfolded. The blindfolded players will be wearing bells on their shoes and guided by their partners, who are standing outside of the circle. The team that breaks a stick on their opponent in two out of three heats wins the elimination.
  • Who Can Take It?: One player from each team is strapped to a metal gurnie. T.J. then releases 400,000 mega watts to the gurnie. The player who says they can't take it, loses their round. The team who wins two rounds out of three wins.
  • Breaking on Through: Two 3-story towers are placed in the center of the Jungle — one for each team. Each team has to open trap doors and "break through" each floor below using metal tools. Once a team has made it to ground level, each team has to "break through" a steel door, and ring a bell on the other side of the door. Each partner has to alternate breaking through each floor in order to avoid disqualification. The first team to properly break through each floor and ring a bell wins.
  • Catch-22: Both team members run on a treadmill across from each other, behind a mud pit. Then they will toss twenty-two balls over a net and to their partner who will then dunk the balls in a basket. The treadmills move faster as the elimination round progresses, and a team loses a match is one partner falls into a mud pit. The team with the most balls in their basket, in the best two out of three matches, wins the elimination.
Episode Jungle Winning pair Losing pair
1 Last Chance Derek & Robb Dunbar & Tyrie
2 Hanging by a Thread Cara Maria & Cooke Anastasia & Jessica
3 Snapper Knight & Preston Derek & Robb
4 Who Can Take It? N/A
5 Breaking On Through Leroy & Ty Trey & Zach
6 Catch-22 Camila & Jemmye Jasmine & Theresa
7 Last Chance Jordan & Marlon Leroy & Ty
8 Snapper Cara Maria & Cooke Jonna & Nany
9 Breaking On Through Jordan & Marlon Knight & Preston
10/11 Hanging by a Thread Camila & Jemmye Aneesa & Diem


  • The "Who Can Take It?" Jungle in Episode 4 was not played and both teams -- Cara Maria & Cooke and Jasmine & Theresa -- were saved, likely as the result of Sarah & Trishelle's withdrawal from the game during the previous episode.
  • Trey & Zach finished the "Breaking on Through" Jungle before Leroy & Ty, but were disqualified for failing to alternate breaking through each floor. Prior to the elimination round, T.J. stated in the rules that each partner was required to alternate breaking through floors; however, Zach broke through the first two floors. Therefore, Leroy & Ty were declared the winners by default.

Rivals III

Unlike the first two Rivals installments, Rivals III features male-female pairs competing opposed to same-sex pairings. The winning team of each challenge is safe from elimination, while the last-place team is automatically sent to the Jungle. The winning team also earns the right of nominating two teams that will face the last-place team in the Jungle. Prior to the Jungle, the two teams nominated by the winning pair participate in an elimination draw in which all four participants either draw one of three while skulls or one black skull out of a bag (similar to the draw on Free Agents). If a participant draws a black skull, their team will face the last-place pair in the Jungle.

  • Back It Up: Teams have to shimmy their way up a wall while facing each other, transfer ceramic pottery on their laps, and deposit the pottery into a cargo net through a hole at the top of the wall. If a team drops a piece of pottery, they have to start over at ground level. The first team to deposit three pieces of pottery through their designated hole in the wall wins.
  • Weight For Me: The guys will be using a pulley system connected to their female partner on the other side of a wall. The object is for the women to memorize a tile puzzle at the top of the wall and piece it together at the bottom of the wall. The first team to complete their puzzle wins.
  • Chill Out: Teams have to build a puzzle, featuring a series of wooden planks and discs, while moving back and forth from an ice tub. To start, each team will sit in the tub for one minute, then will try to stack their puzzle pieces until it reaches the height at their designated station. If the puzzle is not solved within two minutes, a team must return to their ice tub for another minute, and the process continues until the first team to correctly solve their puzzle wins.
  • Hear Me Out: Teams engage in a soccer match within a large square, while blindfolded. Played in same-gender rounds and a best-of-three, each player is guided by their partners, who are standing outside of the arena. The first team to win two rounds wins, and if a tie occurs after the first two rounds, a coin flip will occur to determine which gender competes in the tiebreaker round.
  • Spun Out: Players spin a turnstile attached to a rope, with their partners suspended above the ground. When one player spins the spool on ground level, the rope tightens, which makes it more difficult for their partner to hang on to their crossbar that is attached to a lifeline. The goal is for the player suspended above ground to hang on to their crossbar longer than their opponent. The team to win two rounds wins.
  • Shattered Dreams: The girls crank a spool that is attached to a battering ram. Their male partners use a pair of ropes attached to the battering ram, and will aim the battering ram to swing toward a series of nine windows on a wall. Each teammate will have to synchronize in order to use the proper height to shatter all nine windows. The first team to shatter all nine windows wins.
  • Tunnel Vision: Players from each team must crawl through a tunnel in the sand, then try to pass each other in the middle, then race to the opposite side to ring a bell to earn a point for their team. Played in same-gender heats, the first team to earn two points wins.
  • Don't Wine For Me, Argentina: Teams have to transfer six wine barrels from a vineyard to a wine barrel rack. Each team has to correctly solve a riddle at their team podium prior to racing to the vineyard, and then haul the heavy wine barrels back to the racks. The first team to transfer all of their barrels to the racks wins.
Episode Jungle Winning pair Losing pair
2 Back It Up Johnny & Jessica Devin & Cheyenne
3 N/A
5 Weight for Me Nelson & Amanda Johnny & Jessica
6 N/A
7 Chill Out Jamie & KellyAnne Nelson & Amanda
9 Hear Me Out Wes & Nany Jamie & KellyAnne
10/11 Spun Out Nate & Christina Cory & Ashley
11 Shattered Dreams Wes & Nany Nate & Christina
12 Tunnel Vision Dario & Nicole Wes & Nany
13 Don't Wine for Me, Argentina Bananas & Sarah Dario & Nicole


  • T.J. surprised every team that no Jungle nomination would be held following the "Dirty Laundry" challenge in Episode 3.
  • Thomas & Simone were nominated for the Jungle in episode 6. However, due to a personal emergency back home, Thomas quit the game, and Simone was sent home as a result of being his partner. T.J. then explained that a Jungle would still happen if Wes & Nany drew a black skull. As the result of Wes & Nany both drawing white skulls, no Jungle was held in Episode 6.

Battle of the Exes

Battle of the Exes

In Battle of the Exes, the winning pair of the daily challenge, designated the "Power Couple", is granted immunity from entering the Dome while the last-place team is automatically sent to the Dome. The "Power Couple" also earns the right of choosing the team that will face the last-place pair in the Dome.

  • X Knocks the Spot: Players stand on a platform, across from their partner, in the shape of an "X," and have to jump over and duck under swinging bars. A team loses if both partners fall off their individual platforms.
  • X Battle: Players battle one-on-one against each other, trying to wrestle an "X" from their opponent's hands. Played in two same-gender rounds, the best two out of three wins that round. In the event of a tie, a coin-flip will determine the gender that would go against each other in one sudden death round.
  • Banded Together: Teams will be joined together by a rubber band rope at one pole, and the teams must work together and work their way to the pole on the opposite side of the field, and hold onto the pole for five seconds. The farther the teams get from one pole, the harder it will be to reach the pole. The team that reaches the other pole first and holds on for five seconds wins.
  • Hall Pass: Teams have to transfer colored balls through a narrow passage that contains bails of hay on both sides. Played in two same-gender rounds, the first player to transfer five colored balls from one side to the other wins the round for their team. In the event of a tie, a coin-flip will determine the gender that would go against each other in one sudden death round.
Episode Dome Winning pair Losing pair
1 X Knocks the Spot Wes & Mandi Nate & Priscilla
2 X Battle Leroy & Naomi Wes & Mandi
3 Banded Together Ty & Emily Leroy & Naomi
4 X Knocks the Spot Aneesa & Rachel Tyrie & Jasmine
5 X Battle Ty & Emily Abram & Cara Maria
6 Banded Together Dunbar & Paula Aneesa & Rachel
7/8 Hall Pass Ty & Emily Dunbar & Paula
8/9 X Battle Johnny & Camila Mark & Robin

Battle of the Exes II

Battle of the Exes II follows the same format as the original Battle of the Exes except now eliminated pairs were given the chance to compete in a secret losers' bracket in an opportunity to return to the game.

  • Pole Position: Teams have to advance up a 25-foot structure, with ladders on both sides, and a bell at the top. Each partner faces each other, has their hands and feet strapped together into wooden poles, and have to use the wooden poles to advance up the ladder. The team that advances to the top and rings a bell first wins.
  • Banded Together: Teams will be joined together by a rubber band rope at one pole, and the teams must work together and work their way to the pole on the opposite side of the field, and hold onto the pole. The farther the teams advance from one pole, the more difficult it will be to reach the pole. The team that reaches the other pole first and holds on for five seconds wins. Originally from Battle of the Exes.
  • He Said, She Said: Similar to "I Can" from The Duel, teams bet on how much of a specific food item that a player of the opposing team can eat within a three-minute time limit. If a player succeeds, that player earns one point for their team, but if a player fails, the opposing team earns the point. This Dome game is played in a best-of-three rounds, and the first team to accumulate two points wins.
  • Breaking Up: Teams have to pull on a rope that is connected to a wrecking ball, then use the wrecking ball to crash upward through two levels of cinder blocks within their designated towers. The first team to crash their wrecking ball through both layers of cinder blocks wins.
  • Strung Out: Much like "Hog Tie" from The Ruins, players from each team are suspended by their arms and feet under poles, and have to shimmy their way from one side of the pole to the other, then ring a bell, and return to the starting line, where their partners will try to do the same. The girls begin the relay race under the poles, and the guys have to wait until their female partners have returned to the starting line. The first team to advance both players to one side of the pole and back wins.
  • Stacking Up: Similar to "Stacking Stairs" from The Duel, teams have to stack up a tower of crates from the ground, toward a 20-foot high bell. The guys will try to balance on the crates, while receiving crates from their female partners. The first team to reach their bell wins.
  • Hooking Up: Several ropes with carabiners are hanging from the top of the Dome. Each team has to attach the carabiners to their opponent's back, which will launch their opponent to the top of the Dome. The game is played in same-gender battles, in a best-of-three rounds, and the first team to win two rounds wins.
  • Hammer It Home: Teams have to use a sledge hammer to advance an eye beam from one end of a track to another, where a bell is located. The guys will start by hammering the beam to the halfway point, where their female partners will take over. The first team to advance their beam to the end of the track wins.
  • Hall Brawl: Players must run through a narrow hallway past another contestant to ring a bell. However, this time the male players will go first and then tag their female partner at the other end of the hall. The players who ring the bell first in the best two out of three heats, wins the elimination. Originally from Battle of the Seasons
  • X-Battle: Players battle one-on-one against each other, trying to wrestle an "X" from their opponent's hands. Played in same-gendered heats, the first team to two points wins. In the event of a tie, a coin-flip will determine the gender that would go against each other in one sudden death round. Originally from Battle of the Exes.
Episode Dome Winning pair Losing pair
1 Pole Position Adam & Brittany Dustin & Jessica
2 Banded Together Johnny & Averey Thomas & Hailey
3 He Said, She Said Adam & Brittany John & Simone
4 Breaking Up Adam & Brittany Knight & Jemmye
5 Strung Out Leroy & Nia Bananas & Nany
6/7 Stacking Up Johnny & Averey Adam & Brittany
7 Hooking Up Leroy & Nia Johnny & Averey
8 Hammer It Home Jordan & Sarah Zach & Jonna
9/10 Hall Brawl Leroy & Nia Wes & Theresa
10/11 X Battle Leroy & Theresa Bananas & Nany

Battle of the Seasons

In Battle of the Seasons, teams competed in the daily challenge to determine the "Power Team". The "Power Team" not only won immunity from the Arena, but is able to nominate a team for possible elimination in the Arena. The other team placed in the Arena is the team that lost the daily challenge. There are four games in the Arena: Physical, Mental, Strategy, and Endurance. This game is selected by the "Power Team" after they reveal their choice to go into the Arena. However, the same game cannot be used more than once until each of the other games have been used. Once in the Arena, a team must decide one male and female pair to represent their team and compete. In the event that a team is unable to choose players to compete in the Arena, the "Power Team" will decide for them.

  • Hall Brawl (Physical): Played in same-gender heats, players must run through a narrow hallway past another contestant to ring a bell. The players who ring the bell first in the best two out of three heats, wins the elimination.
  • Balls Out (Endurance): Players have to slide 25 silver balls over a wall towards their opponents side of the field. The players with the least amount of balls on their field wins the elimination.
  • Knot So Fast (Strategy): Players have 10 minutes to create as many knots using feet of rope within a dome shaped structure. After those 10 minutes are up, players must untie their opponents' knots. The players who untie the other team's knots first wins the elimination.
  • Water Torture (Mental): The guys will be hanging from a rope system connected to their female partner by their ankles. The object is for the guys to submerge themselves into a water tank and hold their breath for as long as possible, which will pulley the girls up the rope in order to solve a memory game. The first team to complete their puzzle will win the elimination.
Episode Arena Winning pair Losing pair
1 Hall Brawl Cara Maria & Eric Lacey & Wes
2 Balls Out Camila & Eric Danny & Melinda
3 Knot So Fast Chet & Sarah Brandon & Cara Maria
4/5 Water Torture Devyn & JD Camila & Eric
5 Balls Out Chet & Sarah McKenzie & Preston
6 Knot So Fast Dustin & Nany Laura & Trey
7 Water Torture Sam & Zach Jemmye & Knight
8 Hall Brawl Sam & Zach CJ & Jasmine
9 Balls Out Marie & Robb Alton & Nany
10 Water Torture Dustin & Trishelle Marie & Robb
11 Knot So Fast Ashley & Frank Derek & Jonna

Note: During the "Water Torture" Arena at the beginning of Episode 5, Eric grew frustrated and quit when he determined that his weight prevented him from competing in the Arena, despite being in the lead. As a result, Team Fresh Meat was disqualified, and Team Brooklyn was declared the winner by default.

Free Agents

In Free Agents, players play as either teams pair or individuals. The winning players of the challenge are safe, and they will also choose one guy and one girl to go into the elimination. Their opponent will be determined by a process known as "The Draw". The losers of the challenge will draw either a blank card or a "kill" card, which has a skull on it. The player that draws the kill card will battle the winner's pick in elimination.

  • Balls In: This elimination was used in The Inferno II and Spring Break Challenge. Each player will be given five chances to get as many balls inside a barrel, located in the middle of a large circle. If a player is either knocked out of or steps out of the ring, or if the ball is knocked out of the ring, their ball is considered "dead." Players will alternate between offense and defense in each round. The player who has more baskets than their opponent after five rounds wins the elimination round.
  • Wrecking Wall: Each player must punch their way up a 30-foot dry wall until they can reach their bell. The first player to do so wins.
  • Looper: Similar to the "Reverse Tug-of-War" from The Gauntlet 2, each player has a rope hooked to their backs, and has to run around two posts, where each player will try to reach a bell, in a tug-of-war match. The first player to ring the bell wins the elimination round. After its original appearance, a rope was added to each post, allowing competitors to use it to make pulling their opponent easier.
  • Oppenheimer: Similar to "Hall Brawl" from Battle of the Seasons (2012), each player must run across a caged circle hallway and passed the other player to ring a bell. The first player to ring the bell twice wins the elimination round.
  • Puzzle Pyramid: Each player will have three puzzles to solve. After solving one puzzle, they will step up onto a podium until they reach the final puzzle. The first person to complete all three puzzles and ring the bell wins the elimination.
Episode Elimination Winner Loser
1 Balls In 05 Frank 09 Chet
18LaToya 04Jemmye
2 Wrecking Wall 20 Jonna 22 Emilee
05 Frank 27 Dustin
3 Looper 02Cara Maria 26Nia
4 Oppenheimer 02Cara Maria 18LaToya
23Zach 19Brandon
5 Balls In 03Bananas 11Isaac
24Laurel 12Jasmine
6 Looper 08Theresa 28Camila
25Jordan 21Swift
7 Wrecking Wall 10Aneesa 20Jonna
03Bananas 25Jordan
8 Oppenheimer 15Cohutta 07Preston
24Laurel 10Aneesa
9 Balls In 02Cara Maria 16Jessica
13Leroy 15Cohutta
10/11 Wrecking Wall 01CT 13Leroy
24Laurel 02Cara Maria
11 Puzzle Pyramid 03Bananas 01CT
24Laurel 08Theresa

NOTE: Johnny was selected for the elimination round in Episode 3, but did not have to compete. There were four cards in "The Draw," but only three male players were eligible for participation — CT, Jordan and Swift — none of them drew the "kill card." Therefore, by virtue of Frank's illness that resulted in his removal from the competition, no male elimination round was held.

Battle of the Bloodlines

In Battle of the Bloodlines, eliminations are designated as either male or female. The challenge winners are safe from elimination, while the losing pair is automatically sent to "The Pit", the elimination arena, based on the designated gender. The challenge winners will choose one team to go against the last-place pair. In the Pit, each team will choose one player to compete. The two representatives will compete in the elimination round. The winner and their Bloodlines will stay in the game, while the loser and their Bloodlines go home. Prior to the third challenge, a twist was introduced into the game. The pairs will split up and compete on opposing teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. The winning team is safe from elimination while the losing team will compete in the Pit. The losing team will vote in one player of the designated gender to compete in the elimination. The winning team will vote in their opponent. In the Pit, the contestants will compete in the elimination round. The winner stays home, while the loser goes home along with their Bloodline. After the eighth challenge, the game returned to the original format.

  • End of My Rope: Only one player from each team competes in this elimination, and from a distance, has to unravel their rope over a series of poles in order to create slack, enabling them to clip one end of their rope to a carabiner. The first player to clip their rope to their carabiner wins the elimination round for their team.
  • Squaring Off: Similar to the "Hall Brawl" eliminations from Battle of the Seasons (2012) and Battle of the Exes II, players have to retrieve a soccer ball within a series of square hallways, and advance the ball past their opponent's goal line. The first player to advance the ball past their opponent's goal line twice wins the elimination round for their team.
  • Door Slammer: Players must push a door and their opponent into a door frame. Played in a best-of-three rounds, the player who wins two rounds wins.
  • My Way or the Highway: Players engage in a tug-of-war with chains, and have to pull their opponent forward until a yellow mark on the chain matches with a white line in the middle of the course. The first player to pull their opponent forward wins.
  • Ring My Bell: Players have to run back and forth and smack themselves into a mattress, which will ring a bell on the other side. The first player to ring their bell 50 times wins.
  • Home Wrecker: Players are given two identical rooms with furniture and a sledge hammer. In each room is a small slot in the wall to fit all furniture through. The first player to break all of their furniture and fixtures down to small pieces and insert all of it through the slot wins
  • Spun Out: Players spin downward from a swing from the top of a platform, then have to perform two tasks while dizzy. The first task is to balance on one foot on a wooden pole for ten seconds, and the second task is to place a series of twelve wooden stumps into a column on top of a wooden pole. Each task is performed in two separate rounds, and the player who completes each task in the least combined amount of time wins.
  • Hand It Over: Players engage in a tug-of-war with three oversize metal poles that are positioned on both sides of a wall. Each pole is positioned at three different heights. If a player cannot pull their pole from the opponent in a best-of-three match, the winner is determined by which player lasts longer against their opponent
  • Through Thick & Thin: Teams have to solve a multi-colored puzzle, with one player using a sledge hammer to break through a cinderblock wall, allowing their teammate to advance through the wall. Each player participates in the elimination round. The first team to complete their puzzle wins.
  • Mine Not Yours: In the same style of "Pole Wrestle" from The Duel, the first player to wrestle a handle from their opponent twice wins.
Episode Losing team Pit Winner Loser
1 N/A End of My Rope Jenna Christina
2 N/A Squaring Off Thomas Cohutta
3/4 Blue Team Door Slammer Jenna Larissa
5 Blue Team My Way or the Highway Mitch Raphy
6 Blue Team Ring My Bell KellyAnne Nany
7 Blue Team Home Wrecker Mike Stephen
8 Blue Team Spun Out Jenna KellyAnne
9 Blue Team Hand It Over Jamie Mike
10 N/A Through Think & Thin Cara Maria & Jamie Bananas & Vince
11 N/A Mine Not Yours Cara Maria Aneesa

NOTE: Jamie and Mike were selected for The Pit in Episode 9. However, instead of facing each other, each player was met with a shocking twist when CT and Zach were brought into the game. Following a coin flip by host T. J. Lavin, each player was set up to face either CT or Zach in the "Hand it Over" pit elimination, in an endurance competition.

Invasion of the Champions

In Invasion of the Champions, 18 Underdogs live in squalor in the Shelter and compete for a spot in the Oasis. The challenge winners and the elimination winners earn the 12 spots in the Oasis. After that, the game turns into a team challenge, Underdogs vs. Champions. Each elimination, known as "The Fortress, is designated as either a Champion elimination or an Underdog elimination. The best performing player of that team is safe from elimination, and they will choose a player of the opposite gender to compete in the Fortress. The rest of the team will vote in their opponents. In the Fortress, the winner of the elimination will stay in the game, while the losers go home.

  • In The Trenches: Similar to "Hall Pass" from Battle of the Exes , players start at opposite end of the trench, they have to transfer ten sandbags from one side to the other side.
  • Who's Got Balls: Players will hike up to a cliff side where they will jump off a platform while holding on to five balls. The player that holds on to the most balls win. If both opponents hold on to all of the balls, the winner will be determined by the time it took them to jump off.
  • Thai Rise: Players will race up to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple, and retrieve a bag of rice that has a bell in it. Once they get the bag the players will race back down, and hang their bell. The player to do this task the fastest wins.
  • Tuk Tuk Bang Bang: Players stand on the back of their "tuk tuk," and have to run into a wall in order to move the tuk tuk further and further. Players will repeat this process until they reach the end of the driveway, knocking over the wall in the end. The first player to do so wins.
  • Pole Wrestle: Similar to the original "Pole Wrestle" from The Duel, players are placed at the center of a circle and are asked to place both hands on a wooden pole. The first contestant to wrestle the pole out of his or her opponent's hands twice, wins.
  • Bell Ringer: Players will try to smash Thai idols with the rope connected to the bell suspended 15 feet above. As the idols are being smashed, powder will explode, making it more difficult for the players to see. The first player to smash all 16 idols will win.
  • Balls In: Similar to the original "Balls In" from The Inferno II, and , each player will be given five chances to get as many balls inside a barrel, located in the middle of a large circle. If a player is either knocked out of or steps out of the ring, or if the ball is knocked out of the ring, their ball is considered "dead." Players will alternate between offense and defense in each round. The player who gets to three points wins.
  • Inside Out: The second game in the Underdog Bloodbath. In the first round between the three initial players, the players are harnessed to a rope tied behind their back to a ring in a game similar to "Reverse Tug-O-War" and "Looper" from The Gauntlet 2 and Free Agents, respectively. The first player to ring their bell would win that round while the losing players would face off in the final round. In the final round, the losing players are tied together, facing each other this time, and must wrestle to get both feet outside the ring. The player to get both feet out of the ring in two rounds wins.
  • Knot So Fast: Similar to the original "Knot So Fast" from and "It Takes Two to Tangle from , players have 20 minutes to create as many knots using 200 feet of rope within a dome-shaped structure. After those 20 minutes are up, players must untie their opponents' knots. The player who unties the opposing players' knots first wins the elimination.
Episode Fortress Team Fortress Winner Loser
2 N/A In The Trenches Tony Bruno
Kailah Marie
3 Who's Got Balls Cory Theo
Jenna Anika
4 Thai Rise Sylvia LaToya
Nelson Anthony
6 Underdogs Tuk Tuk Bang Bang Sylvia Kailah
Shane Tony
7 Champions Pole Wrestle Darrell Zach
Cara Maria Ashley K.
8 Underdogs Bell Ringer Nelson Dario
Jenna Sylvia
9/10 Champions Balls In Darrell Bananas
Laurel Cara Maria
10 N/A
11/12 Underdogs Inside Out Ashley M. Amanda
Nelson Shane
12/13 Champions Knot So Fast Camila Laurel
CT Darrell

NOTE: Theo quit the Fortress in Episode 3 after not wanting to jump off the cliff. Cory was declared winner as a result.

NOTE: Host T.J. Lavin  first announced that no elimination round would be held following the "Crossover" challenge in Episode 10 and instead that each contestant was treated to a house party. However, that was a part of the Bloodbath twist and it was a underdog go-away party where the underdogs will face each other in two consecutive elimination rounds. The first one will be a 4-way challenge in which one player of each gender will be eliminated if they finish last. Hunter and Jenna were eliminated due to finishing last. The second competition will be the first three-way elimination in Challenge history with another one eliminated player.

XXX: Dirty 30

XXX: Dirty 30 follows a similar format to Free Agents. The only difference being that the draw is now known as the "Double Cross". In the Double Cross, players will draw out an X or an XX. The player that draws the XX is safe from elimination, and will also choose a player of their gender to go into the elimination against the player voted in by the Winners Circle.

  • Balls to the Wall: Players will pull a series of torches from a wall (10 for the guys and 6 for the girls). The first player to pull all of their torches win.
  • The Great Escape: In a combination of "Pegged" from The Inferno II and "Wrecking Wall" from Free Agents, players will climb up a wall by pegging a series of holes. At the top of the wall is a tub of mud. The first player to get up the wall and tip the tub onto their opponent's side wins.
  • Strip Tease: Similar to the "Patchwork" elimination from The Inferno II, players are dressed in a jumpsuit with 5 patches on them. While blindfolded, they must snatch all five from their opponent. The first to do so wins.
  • Deadweight: Players are chained up to a weight by their ankles. Climbing up a ladder, they will lift their weights through a series of floors below them to create slack. The first player to climb up the ladder and ring their bell wins.
  • Rampage: Similar to "Back Up Off Me" from Cutthroat, players will be strapped back-to-back and also strapped to their ankles. They will also be assigned a color. The players then will have to battle to get their opponent to fall on their color ramp. The first player to do so twice wins.
  • Web of Lies: Players will go down a 25-foot tower through a series of webs and floors and retrieve a flag at the base. Once they grab the flag, they must go back up the tower and attach the flag to a pole. The first player to do so will win the challenge.
  • Body Check: Similar to "Hall Brawl" from Battle of the Seasons (2012) and Battle of the Exes II, players will run through opposite ends of a paper barrier and run around the bell at their end, then run back and ring the bell on the side they were originally on. The first player to win two rounds win.
  • The Reel World: There is a giant wheel that is connected to a rope with a 50lb weight at the end. Players will run and jump over the wheel, which would pull the weight closer to a line it must cross. They will continue this process until the weight crosses the line. The first player to have the weight cross the line wins.
Episode Presidio Winner Loser
3 Balls to the Wall Cory Derrick H.
Britni Briana
4 The Great Escape Kailah Jenna
Ammo Tony
6/7 Striptease Jordan Ammo
Tori Marie
7/8 Deadweight Kailah Aneesa
Hunter Cory
9 Rampage Britni Nicole
Nelson Hunter
12 Web of Lies Tony Dario
Veronica Aneesa
13 Body Check Hunter Leroy
Camila Jemmye
14 The Reel World Camila Britni
Derrick Bananas


In Vendettas, each player has an individual bank account. Each challenge will be designated as a male, female, or both gender elimination. The winners of each challenge will earn money to their bank accounts. However, that does not mean they earn power in the game. The overall top three finishers become what's known as the Troika, while the last-place player of the designated gender will automatically be sent to the Ring.. The Troika will nominate three players as possible opponets to the last-place player. They will be known as the Inquisition. In the Ring, the Troika will vote one player from the Inquisition to compete in the Ring. The winner(s) of the elimination will earn a Grenade, which is a punishment that can be put upon any player(s) of their choice. The loser(s) of the elimination will lose their money, which will be added to the final challenge grand prize.

  • Balls of Fire:
Episode Gender Ring Winner Loser
3 Male Balls of Fire Nelson Cory
4 Female TBA TBA TBA

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