Emilee Fitzpatrick
Original Season RW: Cancun
Hometown Hamilton, Massachusetts
Game Summary
Challenges Cutthroat
Free Agents
Eliminations 2 (2 losses)
Social Media
Twitter IWantMyEmTV
Instagram iwantmyemtv



Bio: Having quit her job as a Hooters waitress, Emilee is looking to go back to school and begin studying television production. Before hitting the books, however, she is anxious to get her first Challenge under her belt. This eager newcomer from The Real World: Cancun is confident that she will excel, even though she knows that she has her work cut out for her. Emilee admits, "It's a little nerve racking coming here and not having done a Challenge before because I know being a rookie, we're the first to get picked on." Will Emilee have the chops to stick it out or will she be sent packing?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Blue Team OUT

Free Agents

Bio: Last seen being eliminated first on Cutthroat, Emilee is back for a second chance on Free Agents. This Boston native may not be the most intimidating athlete in the house, but believes she has what it takes to excel in other aspects of the game. She confides, “I’m really great when it comes to puzzles. I’ve got a brain and it’s not all good looks and girlish charm.” Fun and flirtatious, Emilee quickly sets her sights on a newly single guy, but discovers that on The Challenge, competition isn’t limited to the playing field. Watch for Emilee to make a new rival when they clash over one guy’s affections.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Out on a Ledge Team Red SAFE
2 Auto Body Rally CT OUT



Episode Gulag Opponent Result
1 Handcuffs Camila OUT

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Opponent Result
2 Wrecking Wall Jonna OUT



  • Emilee was flown out to Thailand with the initial cast of Invasion of the Champions to serve as an alternate cast member in case anybody disqualified. She was eventually sent home after being unused.

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