Grey Team
Grey Team
Challenge Season Cutthroat
Team Members Abram Boise
Ayiiia Elizarraràs
Cara Maria Sorbello
Dan Walsh
JD Ordoñez
Laurel Stucky
Luke Wolfe
Sarah Rice
Shauvon Torres (captain)
Vinny Foti
Game Summary
Eliminations 7 (3 wins, 4 losses)
Money Won $100,000
The Grey Team is one of the three teams that competed on Cutthroat. Despite being in the lead for the majority of the competition, they fell short in the final challenge after Abram and Sarah were medically removed.


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
2 Back Up Off Me JD Brandon OUT
Cara Maria Mandi WIN
3 Die Hard Vinny Eric OUT
Shauvon Katie QUIT
4 Swat Ayiiia Katie OUT
Luke Eric WIN
7 Die Hard Dan Dunbar OUT
Laurel Camila WIN

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