Hailey Chivers
Original Season RW: Ex-Plosion
Born January 30, 1992
Hometown Fort Worth, Texas
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Exes II
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter haileychivers
Instagram hchive


Battle of the Exes II

Bio: Thomas got the shock of his life when his old high-school sweetheart, Hailey, showed up to rock his world on Real World: Explosion. Hailey’s unexpected arrival derailed Thomas’ romantic ambitions, leaving him fuming. After several aggressive attempts to get Hailey out of the house, Thomas and Hailey’s volatile emotions eventually erupted, leaving their relationship badly bruised. Thomas reveals, “We ended up going our separate ways because our relationship was toxic.” With an uphill battle ahead, Hailey worries, “He doesn't know how to forgive and move past things that happened in the past. I wasn't the best girlfriend to him and he's still a little salty about that.” Coming into Battle of the Exes II, will these two be able to patch up their ravaged relationship? Or will the weight of their emotional baggage cause them to crash and burn?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 I Got You Babe Thomas SAFE
2 Rounding the Bases OUT


Battle of the Exes II

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
2 Banded Together Thomas Johnny OUT

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