Isaac Stout
Original Season RW: Sydney
Born January 17, 1986
Hometown Cleveland, Ohio
Game Summary
Challenges The Duel II
Free Agents
Eliminations 2 (2 losses)
Social Media
Twitter SometimesISAAC
Instagram isaacstout


The Duel II

Bio: Who didn't fall for the loveable party boy Isaac when he was one of the Real World roommates in Sydney? Since returning to the United States, he's kept up the partying, all over the world. He's also found time to raise money, along with fellow Real World-er Cohutta, for children left behind in the wake of ALS and cancer. He also founded ISTOUT headwear, which he describes as a "progressive hat designing company." But now he's up for the Challenge of traveling to New Zealand to try his hand at winning some cash. But he'll be up against a large crew of competitors all trying to do the same thing. Does he have what it takes?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Last Man Standing Team Black SAFE
2 Freezing as Puck Katie SAFE
3 All Shook Up N/A SAFE
4 Luging My Mind Ruthie SAFE
5 Don't Let Go OUT

Free Agents

Bio: Since being eliminated from The Duel II, Isaac traveled around the world and started a website for backpackers. However, this thrill-seeker couldn’t say no to another opportunity for adventure. Win or lose, Isaac is here to have a good time, “If there's one thing I have on them, it might not be size, it might not be strength, it might not be endurance. But, I have gumption!” A free spirit with no true alliance, Isaac stands to be the house wild card. Will Isaac’s fun-loving personality help him bring home the big money? Or will he be left seeking a new adventure?

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Out on a Ledge Team Red SAFE
2 Auto Body Rally Devyn SAFE
3 Bar Crawl Team Leroy SAFE
4 Bounce Out Team Yellow SAFE
5 Piggy Back Team Yellow OUT


The Duel II

Episode Duel Opponent Result
5 Spot On Landon OUT

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Opponent Result
5 Balls In Bananas OUT



  • In 2009 Isaac appeared briefly on Big Brother 10 (UK).
  • Isaac, Ashli, Dunbar, and KellyAnne were initially flown to Turkey to film Battle of the Seasons and compete as Team Sydney. However they were sent home for unknown reasons prior to the first challenge and replaced by Team Fresh Meat. All scenes involving the team were re-shot.

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