Jeff Barr
Original Season Fresh Meat II
Born March 16, 1984
Hometown Dallas, Texas
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat II
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media


Fresh Meat II

Bio: A self-proclaimed "bad boy who fears nothing," Jeff lives a wild life and has been through it all. He even went through Navy SEAL training, but abandoned it right before Hell Week. An adrenaline junkie, Jeff thinks he is perfect for The Challenge and promises to "destroy all these guys." On Fresh Meat II, Jeff will have a chance to put some bite to his bark.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Dirty Mouth Paula SAFE
2 I'll Be There For You SAFE
3 Water Logged OUT


Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
3 Lost and Found Paula Evelyn OUT

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