Jenna Compono
Original Season RW: Ex-Plosion
Born December 31, 1992
Hometown Wantagh, New York
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Exes II (final)
Battle of the Bloodlines (final)
Rivals III (final)
Invasion of the Champions
XXX: Dirty 30
Eliminations 6 (5 wins, 1 loss)
Money Won $37,500
Spin-offs Champs vs. Stars
Social Media
Twitter JennaCompono
Instagram jennacompono


Battle of the Exes II

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 I Got You Babe Jay SAFE
2 Rounding the Bases SAFE
3 On Again, Off Again SAFE
4 The Brush Off SAFE
5 Open Arms SAFE
6/7 Don't Forget About Me SAFE
7 Are You the One? WIN
8 Speed Dating SAFE
9/10 Wrecking Ball SAFE
10/11 Don't Let Me Down SAFE
11/12 Final Challenge THIRD

Note: Jenna and Jay were disqualified during the Final Challenge, after they failed to complete the third checkpoint. Prior to the Final Challenge, T.J. explained that a team was required to complete the final challenge in order to earn any money.

Battle of the Bloodlines

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Water Battle Brianna PIT
2 Family Dinner SAFE
3/4 Meet Me Halfway Blue Team PIT
4/5 Air to the Throne SAFE
6 Family Connection SAFE
7 Hand Me Down SAFE
8 Too Clingy PIT
9 Air Pockets SAFE
10 Weight For Me Brianna SAFE
11 Truck Crossing SAFE
12/13 Final Challenge THIRD

Money Won: $12,500

Rivals III

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Give Me Some Slack Vince WIN
3 Dirty Laundry SAFE
4/5 Out on a Limb SAFE
6 Laps of Judgement SAFE
7 Road to Nowhere SAFE
8/9 Up All Night SAFE
10/11 Take It to the Grave SAFE
11 Catch and Release SAFE
12 Bridging the Gap SAFE
13/14 Final Challenge SECOND

Money Won: $25,000

Invasion of the Champions

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1/2 The Over Under N/A SAFE
3 Shell Shocked Cory FORTRESS
4 Caged and Confused N/A SAFE
5/6 Knockout Underdogs SAFE
7 Roll with the Punches SAFE
9/10 Fallout SAFE
10 Crossover SAFE
11 X-It OUT

XXX: Dirty 30

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 The Purge N/A SAFE
Pink Team SAFE
2/3 Cool Under Fire SAFE
3/4 Battle Royale Blue Team OUT
6/7 Pirates' Treasure Bananas SAFE
7/8 Ups and Downs Red Team SAFE
8/9 Talk Thirty to Me N/A XX
11/12 Saved by the Bell Team Aneesa SAFE
12/13 Blackout Blue Team XX
14 Backstabber N/A WIN
15/16 X Marks the Spot Tony SAFE
Snaking Your Way Back In N/A OUT

Note: Despite being eliminated in Episode 4, Jenna returned to the competition in Episode 5 after defeating multiple players in "Redemption".


Battle of the Bloodlines

Episode Pit Opponent Result
1 End of My Rope Christina WIN
3/4 Door Slammer Larissa WIN
8 Spun Out KellyAnne WIN

Invasion of the Champions

Episode Fortress Opponents Result
3 Who's Got Balls? Anika WIN
8 Bell Ringer Sylvia WIN

XXX: Dirty 30

Episode Presidio Opponent Result
4 The Great Escape Kailah OUT

Spin-off Gameplay

Champs vs. Stars

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Tow Truck Champs SAFE



  • Jenna served as a pre-season replacement for Alicia during XXX: Dirty 30. Alicia was initially on the final cast but had to drop out the night before due to health issues.

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