Johanna Botta
Original Season RW: Austin
Born April 16, 1983
Hometown Riverside, California
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat
The Gauntlet III (won)
The Island
The Ruins
Eliminations 2 (2 losses)
Money Won $50,000
Social Media
Twitter Johannabotta
Instagram johannabotta


Fresh Meat

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Stuck On Me Jesse SAFE
2 Bush Whacked SAFE
3 Hang On SAFE
4 Jail Break SAFE
5 Climber's Paradise EXILE
6 Rollin' in Oats OUT

The Gauntlet III

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Piñata Pit Rookies SAFE
2 Screw You SAFE
Roped In SAFE
3 Wring Out SAFE
Blind Man's Maze WIN
4 Push It SAFE
Man Overboard SAFE
5 Assembly Required WIN
Walk the Plank SAFE
6 Pole Push SAFE
I Dig You SAFE
7 Over the Edge WIN
Mexican Blanket SAFE
8/9 Chill Out WIN
Well-Balanced WIN
9 Army Strong WINNER

Money Won: $50,000

The Island

Episode Face-Off Vote Result
1 Leaning Tower Tonya SAFE
2 Ring Wrestle Abram SAFE
3 The Rack Rachel SAFE
4 Ball Buster N/A SAFE
5 Bridge It N/A SAFE
6 Rat in a Cage Cohutta SAFE
7 Timber N/A SAFE
8 Water Bound N/A OUT

The Ruins

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Chain Gang Champions SAFE
2 Swing On By SAFE
3 Repo Race SAFE
4 Burning Bridge SAFE
5 Block Party SAFE
6 Fruits of Your Labor SAFE
7 Rotary Club OUT


Fresh Meat

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
6 Cliffside Course Jesse Wes OUT

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Opponent Result
7 Crunch Sarah OUT


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