Laura Waller
Original Season RW: St. Thomas
Born November 1, 1988
Hometown Omaha, Nebraska
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Seasons
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter MTVLauraLee
Instagram lauraleewaller


Battle of the Seasons

Bio: Team St. Thomas may be fresh off the boat from Hassel Island, but don't underestimate this rookie squad. While veterans have historically had the upper hand on The Challenge, Trey, Laura, Marie, and Robb hope to prove newbies can compete with the best of them. Marie worries, "I'm anxious because rookies are sacrificial lambs. They usually get cut in the first week." Team St. Thomas is well rounded both athletically and strategically, with former college football player Trey providing the muscle while party-girl Marie moves to control their political game. Complicating everything, however, is the unresolved tension between couples Marie and Robb and Trey and Laura, who never saw eye-to-eye during their season. Will this fearless foursome find a way to come together? Or will fresh emotional wounds rip them apart?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Don't Cross Me Marie
2 Oil Change SAFE
3 Hook, Line and Sinker SAFE
4/5 Don't Weigh Me Down SAFE
5 Chairman of the Board SAFE
6 Insane Games OUT


Battle of the Seasons

Episode Arena Partner Opponents Result
6 Knot So Fast OUT