Lolo Jones
Sport Olympic Hurdler
Olympic Bobsledder
Born August 5, 1982
Hometown Des Moines, Iowa
Game Summary
Spin-offs Champs vs. Pros
Eliminations 3 (3 wins)
Money Raised $1,000
Social Media
Twitter lolojones
Instagram lolojones


Champs vs. Pros

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Against the Ropes Pros ARENA
2 Tailgate BBQ SAFE
3/4 Out of Bounds ARENA
4 Keep Your Eyes On the Prize SAFE
5 Over the Line ARENA
6 No Guts, No Glory OUT

Money Raised: $1,000


Champs vs. Pros

Episode Arena Opponent Result
1 Pull No Punches Candice WIN
3/4 Basket Brawl Tia WIN
5 Going the Distance Ashley M. WIN

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