Luke Wolfe
Original Season Fresh Meat II
Hometown Eugene, Oregon
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat II
Cutthroat (final)
Eliminations 4 (3 wins, 1 loss)
Money Won $20,000
Social Media
Twitter L_WolfePack
Instagram l_wolfepack


Fresh Meat II

Bio: The Challenge has never had someone quite like Luke. This laid-back hippie from Oregon likes snowboarding, photography and vegetarian food. He also loves being naked, and the idea of living in a nudist colony or being a stripper intrigues him. But Luke admits that he has a vicious competitive streak, and he warns people not to underestimate him. The Challenge will give this mellow fellow a chance to surprise his competition!

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Dirty Mouth Evelyn SAFE
2 I'll Be There For You SAFE
3 Water Logged EXILE
4 King of the Wall SAFE
5 Drop Out SAFE
6 Turn Style SAFE
7 Airheads EXILE
8/9 Wrecking Ball OUT


Bio: After exceeding everyone's expectations on Fresh Meat II, Luke is looking to prove that there is more to him than meets the eye. Happy to be competing without a partner this time, he looks forward to making a name for himself, "I want to prove myself without being glued to Evelyn." Luke knows that his mellow attitude and short stature may make him appear weak in the eyes of some of his competitors, but he hopes to prove that nice guys don't always have to finish last.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Grey Team WIN
2 Brain Buster SAFE
3 Bed Head SAFE
4 Bottleneck Stampede GULAG
5 Surf's Up WIN
6 Sky Hook WIN
7 Gimme a Hand SAFE
8/9 High Ball WIN
9/10 Riot Act WIN
10 Czech Point SECOND

Money Won: $20,000


Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
3 Lost and Found Evelyn Paula WIN
7 Wes WIN
8/9 Weight For Me: Black Out Landon OUT


Episode Gulag Opponent Result
4 Swat Eric WIN


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