Mandi Moyer
Original Season Fresh Meat II
Born November 24, 1987
Hometown Portland, Oregon
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat II
Rivals (final)
Battle of the Exes
Eliminations 4 (1 win, 3 losses)
Social Media
Twitter mandimoyer
Instagram mandimoyer


Fresh Meat II

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Dirty Mouth Wes SAFE
2 I'll Be There For You SAFE
3 Water Logged SAFE
4 King of the Wall SAFE
5 Drop Out SAFE
6 Turn Style SAFE
7 Airheads OUT


Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Red Team SAFE
2 Brain Buster OUT


Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 High Dive Jenn SAFE
2 Car Crusher SAFE
3 Sync or Swim SAFE
4 Hammock Crawl SAFE
5 Against the Current WIN
6 Catch and Release SAFE
7 Sawed Off SAFE
8/9 Bombs Away SAFE
9/10 Final Challenge THIRD

NOTE: Jenn and Mandi were disqualified from the final challenge after failing to complete the necessary checkpoints in time.

Battle of the Exes

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey Wes DOME
2 Hook Up OUT


Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
7 Lost and Found Wes Evelyn OUT


Episode Gulag Opponent Result
2 Back Up Off Me Cara Maria OUT

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
1 X Knocks the Spot Wes Nate WIN
2 X Battle Leroy OUT


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