Melinda Stolp
Original Season RW: Austin
Born August 17, 1983
Hometown Germantown, Wisconsin
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat
The Gauntlet III
Battle of the Seasons
Eliminations 4 (4 losses)
Social Media
Twitter MelindaStolp
Instagram melindastolp


Fresh Meat

Bio: This down-home Wisconsin girl with thick roots and a kind heart, met her future roommate (and unbeknownst to her at the time, her future fiancé) on her journey to Austin. She dumped her boyfriend back home to make room for Danny in her life and despite ups and downs in their relationship during their stay in Austin they are still together and now engaged. They are joined by their former Austin roommates, Wes and Johanna in Australia. Will this Challenge rookie be able to handle the pressure of her relationship and the competition?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Stuck On Me Ryan SAFE
2 Bush Whacked SAFE
3 Hang On EXILE
4 Jail Break OUT

The Gauntlet III

Bio: After leaving it up to her fiancé Danny to take part in the last couple of Challenges, Melinda returns to the fray with hopes of making a name for herself. Her foes are often fooled by her good looks, but Melinda has the brains to and athleticism to back it all up. And with Danny on the other team, cross-team alliances could emerge like never before!

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Piñata Pit Rookies SAFE
2 Screw You SAFE
Roped In SAFE
3 Wring Out SAFE
Blind Man's Maze WIN
4 Push It SAFE
Man Overboard SAFE
5 Assembly Required WIN
Walk the Plank SAFE
6 Pole Push OUT


Bio: Melinda is back for another Challenge and is confident that the third time will be the charm. Melinda may be best remembered for her long running romance and marriage with Real World: Austin sweetheart Danny. However, the couple has recently divorced. Determined to step out from the shadow of 'Danny and Melinda,' this blonde beauty claims, "I'm really looking forward to proving to my team that I don't have to be a part of a relationship to be a good competitor."

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Red Team SAFE
2 Brain Buster SAFE
3 Bed Head WIN
4 Bottleneck Stampede WIN
5 Surf's Up SAFE
6 Sky Hook OUT

Battle of the Seasons

Bio: When Team Austin's Danny and Melinda met on their season it was love at first sight. They began dating and quickly captured the hearts of fans everywhere, who were mesmerized by their storybook romance. After their show ended, Danny proposed to Melinda and the two sweethearts tied the knot into wedded bliss. But nothing lasts forever... After a short time their fairy-tale ending came crashing down and the couple divorced. Now reunited and on the same team after three years apart, will Danny and Melinda be able to work together to win money? Melinda admits, "The whole Danny and Melinda relationship thing, I'm over it. But put $250,000 in front of anybody and you can definitely become friends with your ex." Rounding out Team Austin are Challenge newbie Lacey and elite veteran Wes, the game's notorious political mastermind. But how will Wes fare on a team with two divorcees and a rookie? Wes fears, "In my team it's difficult to say whether I'm a leader...or the glue. Danny and Melinda will never be fully over each other, and I don't know what to expect out of Lacey athletically." Wes' true incentive comes in the form of record-breaking game stats, as he brags, "When my team wins this Challenge, I will go down in history as being the person who has won more money from MTV than anybody else." Can Wes guide his team to victory? Or will Austin's complicated past ruin their chance of taking home the prize?

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Don't Cross Me Danny
2 Oil Change Danny OUT


Fresh Meat

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
4 Forest Course Ryan Wes OUT

The Gauntlet III

Episode Gauntlet Opponent Result
6 Ball Brawl Tori OUT


Episode Gulag Opponent Result
6 Handcuffs Emily OUT

Battle of the Seasons

Episode Arena Partner Opponents Result
2 Balls Out Danny Camila OUT



  • Melinda, Danny J., and Leroy are the only cast members that have competed on The Challenge with all of their former roommates.
    • Melinda is the only cast member that has competed on the same teams with all of her former roommates.

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