Michael Ross
Original Season RW: Las Vegas (2011)
Hometown Nokesville, Virginia
Game Summary
Challenges Rivals (final)
Social Media
Twitter MikeRossMTV
Instagram mike_b_ross



Bio: Taking a break from studying for the GRE and getting ready for grad school, Michael agreed to be a replacement player without ever watching a single episode of The Challenge. But the always-studious Real Worlder did some research, "I watched the first episode of Cutthroat and wanted to call right back and say, 'No, thank you!' These things seem like they're going to be vicious!" Michael may not have the strength of some of the other players, but he is not worried, "People are going to think I'm this scrawny little kid, but mentally I'm strong!" We'll see if this quirky young Einstein can outsmart his muscular opponents.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
2 Car Crusher Leroy SAFE
3 Sync or Swim SAFE
4 Hammock Crawl SAFE
5 Against the Current SAFE
6 Catch and Release SAFE
7 Sawed Off SAFE
8/9 Bombs Away WIN
9/10 Final Challenge THIRD

Note: Adam R. was sent home prior to the first jungle for punching Ty. Michael was brought in as Leroy's replacement partner. Michael and Leroy were disqualified on day 2 of the final challenge, after they decided that Michael was too worn out to climb the mountain without injuring himself.

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