Nicole Zanatta
Nicole Z
Original Season RW: Skeletons
Born October 28, 1990
Hometown Staten Island, New York
Game Summary
Challenges Invasion of the Champions (final)
Eliminations 1 (1 win)
Money Won $26,250
Social Media
Twitter n_zanattaMTV
Instagram n_zanattamtv


Invasion of the Champions

Bio: Taking a break from fighting crime on the streets of New York, this cop is bringing a blue-blooded attitude to her first season of The Challenge, ready to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for weakness. Having just ended things with her long-term girlfriend back home, newly single Nicole is ready to hit the restart button, stating, “She said it’s me or The Challenge, and I chose The Challenge. If I win, I’m moving out of my parents’ basement, and maybe getting a dog because girls are a bit more difficult than I thought.” Her love hiatus doesn’t last long however, as she catches the attention of not one but two Challenge champs, ultimately slipping under the sheets with one. However, Nicole quickly finds out being a rookie is no walk in Central Park when one of her closest friends stabs her in the back. Will Nicole be able to keep the peace, or will she have to put The Underdogs on lockdown?

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1/2 The Over Under N/A WIN
3 Shell Shocked SAFE
4 Caged and Confused SAFE
5/6 Knockout Underdogs SAFE
7 Roll with the Punches SAFE
8 Curry Up WIN
9/10 Fallout SAFE
10 Crossover SAFE
12/13 Caved In SAFE
14/15 Final Challenge Cory THIRD

Money Won: $26,250


Bio: The Real World: Skeletons vet may only be in her sophomore Challenge season, but she has already made it to a final and established herself as one of the strongest girls in the house. During her short Challenge career, however, she has already amassed a few vendettas -- namely former RW roomie Sylvia. But as far as Nicole’s concerned, a lost friendship won’t stop her from taking home her first championship.

Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result


Invasion of the Champions

Episode Fortress Opponents Result
11 Inside Out Amanda WIN
Ashley M.


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