Road Rules: Campus Crawl
Campus Crawl
Challenge Debut Battle of the Sexes
Cast Members Darrell Taylor (won)
Eric Jones
Kendal Sheppard (won)
Rachel Robinson (won)
Raquel Duran
Sarah Greyson (won)
Shane Landrum
Game Summary
Eliminations 20 (13 wins, 7 losses)
Money Won $437,665


The Gauntlet

Episode Gauntlet Player Opponent Result
1 Dead Man's Drop Sarah David WIN
6 Sarah Matt WIN
9 Perfect Fit Sarah Trishelle WIN
10 Ride 'Em Cowboy Sarah Rachel B. WIN
13 Dead Man's Drop Sarah Irulan WIN

The Inferno

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
10 Don't Toss Your Cookies Shane CT OUT
14/15 Brick by Brick Kendal Leah WIN

Fresh Meat

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
12 Cliffside Course Shane Wes OUT
Linette Casey
15 Forest Course Darrell Derrick WIN
Aviv Diem

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
4 Oh Ring Darrell Danny WIN
7 Crunch Darrell Cohutta WIN

Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
1 Lost and Found Darrell Jillian OUT
Cara Maria Pete

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
4 X Knocks the Spot Aneesa Tyrie WIN
Rachel Jasmine
6 Banded Together Aneesa Dunbar OUT
Rachel Paula

Invasion of the Champions

Episode Fortress Player Opponents Result
6 Tuk Tuk Bang Bang Shane Tony WIN
7 Pole Wrestle Darrell Zach WIN
9/10 Balls In Darrell Bananas WIN
11/12 Inside Out Shane Cory OUT
12 Knot So Fast Darrell CT OUT


Episode Ring Player Opponents Result
7 Crazy 8 Shane Jordan OUT