Road Rules: South Pacific
South Pacific
Challenge Debut The Gauntlet
Cast Members Abram Boise (won)
Cara Zavaleta (won)
Chris Graebe
Christena Pyle (won)
Dave Giuntoli (won)
Donell Langham
Jeremy Blossom
Mary Beth Decker
Tina Barta (final)
Game Summary
Eliminations 15 (9 wins, 6 losses)
Money Won $223,110


The Gauntlet

Episode Gauntlet Player Opponent Result
5 Dead Man's Drop Tina Coral OUT
7 Knock Your Block Off Cara Elka WIN
12 Abram Mike OUT
14/15 Ride 'Em Cowboy Cara Theo G. WIN

The Inferno

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
2 Bug Helmet Jeremy Ace WIN
6 Human Candelabra Jeremy Mike OUT
8 Noise Pollution Christena Mallory WIN

The Inferno II

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
4 Shack Attack Tina Robin WIN
10 Balls In Abram Brad WIN

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Gauntlet Player Opponent Result
11 Name That Coconut Cara Kina OUT
12 Capture the Flag Jeremy Alton OUT

Fresh Meat

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
10 Beach Course Tina Katie WIN
Kenny Eric
14 Tina Theo WIN
Kenny Chanda

The Inferno 3

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
10 Smash House Abram Timmy WIN

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
5 X Battle Abram Ty OUT
Cara Maria Emily

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