Road Rules: X-Treme
Challenge Debut Battle of the Sexes 2
Cast Members Angela Trimbur
Danny Dias
Derrick Kosinski (won)
Ibis Nieves (won)
Jillian Zoboroski (won)
Jodi Weatherton (won)
Kina Dean (won)
Nick Haggart
Patrick Maloney
Game Summary
Eliminations 23 (14 wins, 9 losses)
Money Won $476,291


The Inferno II

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
8 That's a Wrap Jodi Veronica OUT

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Gauntlet Player Opponent Result
2 Name That Coconut Derrick Adam L. WIN
4 Beach Brawl Danny Alton OUT
8 Derrick Ace WIN
10 Derrick Syrus WIN
11 Name That Coconut Kina Cara WIN
14 Derrick Brad WIN
15 Sticky Situation Kina Jillian WIN
16/17 Reverse Tug-O-War Derrick Timmy OUT

Fresh Meat

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
15 Forest Course Derrick Darrell OUT
Diem Aviv

The Duel

Episode Duel Player Opponent Result
3 Ascender Derrick Tyler WIN
9 Pole Wrestle Derrick Wes OUT
12 Push Me Kina Svetlana OUT

The Inferno 3

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
14 Corner Ball Derrick Davis WIN

The Gauntlet III

Episode Gauntlet Player Opponent Result
2 Ram It Home Jillian Angel WIN
3 Ball Brawl Jillian Brooke WIN
4 Jillian Janelle WIN

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
5 Spool Ibis Kimberly OUT

Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
1 Lost and Found Jillian Darrell WIN
Pete Cara Maria
5 Jillian Danny WIN
Pete Sandy


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
6 Handcuffs Derrick Brandon WIN
9/10 Pole Me Over Derrick Tyler OUT

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