Robin Hibbard
Original Season RW: San Diego (2004)
Born January 30, 1980
Hometown Tampa, Florida
Game Summary
Challenges Battle of the Sexes 2
The Inferno II
The Gauntlet 2 (final)
The Duel
The Gauntlet III (final)
The Island (final)
The Duel II
Battle of the Exes
Eliminations 6 (1 win, 5 losses)
Money Won $8,571
Social Media
Twitter RobinMTV14
Instagram robincmtv14


Battle of the Sexes 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Dangle Drop Women SAFE
3 Snake Pit Poker SAFE
4 Melt With You SAFE
5 Bombs Away SAFE
6 Junk Boat WIN
7 High Noon SAFE
8 Fill 'Er Up SAFE
9 Sa Wing SAFE
10 Electro Shock SAFE
11 Pop Culture Bike Jump SAFE
12 The Shredder SAFE
13 Cast a Spell SAFE
14 Semi-Cross OUT

The Inferno II

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Surf Torture Good Guys SAFE
2 Juice It Up SAFE
3 X Marks the Spot INFERNO
4 Run For Your Money OUT

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Royal Rumble Veterans SAFE
2 Chock Full o' Coconuts SAFE
3 Team Builders WIN
4 Moving Pyramid WIN
5 Spongeworthy SAFE
6 Body Painters WIN
7 Rickshaw Races SAFE
8 Team Strength SAFE
9 Balancing Act SAFE
10 Buck-A-Neer SAFE
11 Pull Me WIN
12 Spare Tires WIN
13 Easy Does It SAFE
14 The Pit SAFE
15 Blind Trust WIN
16/17 Piece by Piece SAFE
17 Bet Your Booty LOSER

Money Won: $8,571

The Duel

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Reaching Out N/A WIN
2/3 Ring Toss SAFE
3 Pass With Care Eric SAFE
4 Roller Derby N/A SAFE
5 Push Over SAFE
6 Flying Leap DUEL
7 Throwback Brad SAFE
8 Rafty Race N/A SAFE
9 Pole Dance Team CT SAFE
10 Dine-N-Dash Team Diem OUT

The Gauntlet III

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Piñata Pit Veterans WIN
2 Screw You WIN
Roped In WIN
3 Wring Out WIN
Blind Man's Maze SAFE
4 Push It WIN
Man Overboard WIN
5 Assembly Required SAFE
Walk the Plank WIN
6 Pole Push WIN
I Dig You WIN
7 Over the Edge SAFE
Mexican Blanket WIN
8/9 Chill Out SAFE
Well-Balanced SAFE
9 Army Strong LOSER

The Island

Episode Face-Off Vote Result
1 Leaning Tower Tonya SAFE
2 Ring Wrestle Johnny SAFE
3 The Rack N/A SAFE
4 Ball Buster N/A SAFE
5 Bridge It Tyrie SAFE
6 Rat in a Cage Cohutta SAFE
7 Timber Colie SAFE
8 Water Bound N/A SAFE
Final Challenge LOSER

The Duel II

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Last Man Standing Team Colors WIN
2 Freezing as Puck MJ OUT


Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 High Dive Aneesa OUT

Battle of the Exes

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey Mark SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 Mental Connection SAFE
4 Rolling in the Deep SAFE
5 Don't Rock the Boat WIN
6 Lube Me Up SAFE
7/8 Race to the Altar SAFE
8/9 Feel the Burn OUT


The Inferno II

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
4 Shack Attack Tina OUT

The Duel

Episode Duel Opponent Result
6 Pole Wrestle Casey WIN
10 Ascender Aneesa OUT

The Duel II

Episode Duel Opponent Result
2 Duel Pole Dancing Kimberly OUT


Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
1 Hands On Aneesa Evelyn OUT

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
8/9 X Battle Mark Johnny OUT


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