Rookies (The Gauntlet III)
Rookies (G3)
Challenge Season The Gauntlet III
Team Members Alex Smith
Angel Turlington
Brooke LaBarbera
Derek McCray
Frank Roessler
Janelle Casanave
Jillian Zoboroski
Johanna Botta
MJ Garrett
Melinda Stolp
Nehemiah Clark
Rachel Moyal
Ryan Kehoe
Tori Hall
Tyler Duckworth
Tyrie Ballard
Zach Mann
Game Summary
Eliminations 10 (in-team)
Money Won $300,000


Episode Gauntlet Winner Loser
1 Force Field Nehemiah Alex
2 Ram It Home Jillian Angel
Force Field Frank Tyler
3 Ball Brawl Jillian Brooke
4 Ball Brawl Jillian Janelle
Sliders Frank Zach
5 Sliders Ryan Derek
6 Ball Brawl Tori Melinda
Ankle Breaker Frank MJ
7 Ram It Home Nehemiah Ryan

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