Sandy Kang
Original Season Fresh Meat II
Hometown Tacoma, Washington
Game Summary
Challenges Fresh Meat II
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter SandyKang
Instagram sandy.kang


Fresh Meat II

Bio: Although this is her first time on a Challenge, Sandy promises she won't be shy. In high school, this Tacoma native was voted most likely to attend AA. She claims at any party she is always "the first to end up dancing on a bar stool." She has a fetish for tall, athletic guys and a mean temper for anyone that crosses her. Whoever becomes her partner will have his hands full with this firecracker. An employee in her family's grocery business, Sandy promises that if she wins the grand prize, she'll "throw some D's on this" and get breast implants.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Dirty Mouth Danny SAFE
2 I'll Be There For You SAFE
3 Water Logged SAFE
4 King of the Wall SAFE
5 Drop Out OUT


Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
5 Lost and Found Danny Jillian OUT

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