Shauvon Torres
Original Season RW: Sydney
Born November 23, 1982
Hometown Sacramento, California
Game Summary
Challenges The Duel II
The Ruins
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Instagram shauvon1


The Duel II

Bio: We haven't seen Shauvon since she moved out of The Real World: Sydney house after reconciling with her long-term boyfriend -- whose earlier demand that she choose between a career and marriage led to their breakup. A journalism major at the California State University Sacramento, Shauvon insists that she's smarter than she looks and has designs on becoming a news reporter. Now she's going to New Zealand for her first run through a Challenge. Does she have what it takes to win?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Last Man Standing Team Black OUT

The Ruins

Bio: Since we last saw journalism-major Shauvon, she has been writing a book about dating and relationships, but is still single. While Shauvon was the first girl eliminated during The Duel II, she made quite an impression after an alleged hookup with bad-boy CT. Determined to not let Challenge history repeat itself, Shauvon returns, hoping to make friends, build alliances and prove that she can help her team win. Does she have what it takes to go the distance in The Ruins? Or will Shauvon once again find herself packing her bags early?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Chain Gang Challengers SAFE
2 Swing On By OUT

Note: Shauvon withdrew from the game after sustaining a severe chest injury during the "Swing On By" challenge.


Bio: Shauvon's most infamous Challenge moment came during The Ruins, when she took a nasty tumble into the water and had a rather unexpected reaction. She explains, "I thought I busted my implant. But I didn't. They're still here, luckily! I guess the fall went on YouTube and has over a million views now." After three weeks of bed rest and recovery time, this self-proclaimed "girlie-girl" has worked to lose some weight and shape up. Back for her third Challenge, this Real World: Sydney beauty knows that she has a lot to prove to her fellow competitors and is eager to show that she can kick some Cutthroat ass.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Gas Problems Grey Team WIN
2 Brain Buster SAFE
3 Bed Head QUIT

Note: Shauvon and Katie were set to compete in the "Die Hard" gulag; however, Shauvon quit the game out of respect for her teammates.


The Duel II

Episode Duel Opponent Result
1/2 Back Off Aneesa OUT


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