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Spring Break Challenge
Episodes 5
Aired from March 22 – March 26, 2010
Location Acapulco, Mexico
Winners Team Susie
Spring Break Challenge is a challenge spin-off that aired prior to Fresh Meat II. This spin-off featured teams of college-aged friends in various challenges of old and new based on previous seasons of The Challenge. The cast was made up of original contestants from colleges across the country, as well as alumni from previous seasons as coaches.


Team leader Original season Finish
Susie Meister RR: Down Under Winner
Kenny Santucci Fresh Meat Runner-Up
Wes Bergmann RW: Austin Episode 5
Darrell Taylor RR: Campus Crawl Episode 4
Landon Lueck RW: Philadelphia Episode 3
Evelyn Smith Fresh Meat Episode 2
Rachel Robinson RR: Campus Crawl Episode 1


  • Camila is the only contestant to participate on this spin-off and continue on to compete on The Challenge.

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