Syrus Yarbrough
Original Season RW: Boston
Born September 12, 1971
Hometown Santa Monica, California
Game Summary
Challenges Extreme Challenge (won)
Battle of the Sexes
The Inferno (final)
The Gauntlet 2
The Ruins
Eliminations 3 (1 win, 2 losses)
Money Won $29,333
Social Media
Twitter syrusmtv
Instagram syrusmtv


Extreme Challenge

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Ring of Fire Real World WIN
Rope Courses LOSE
Blimp Water Skiing WIN
3 Fisherman's Wharf WIN
4 No Laughing Matter WIN
5 Rollerball Resurrection LOSE
7 Wrestling With the Past LOSE
8 Human Foosball Black Team LOSE
9 Sub-Standard Real World WIN
10 Bring It On LOSE
11 Breath-Taking LOSE
12 Tough Guy WIN
13 Defying Gravity WIN
14 Famous Couples Fashion Show WIN
15 Medi-Evil WIN
15/16 Operation Human Shield WIN
17 Toyota Motorsports WIN
Race to the Finish WINNER

Money Won: $18,333

Battle of the Sexes

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Sergeant Says Men SAFE
3 Dead Man's Drop SAFE
4 Tree House SAFE
5 Breath-Hold Bungee SAFE
7 Seven Rings of Saturn SAFE
8 Freeze Your Butt Off SAFE
9 People Mover SAFE
10 Battle of the Opposite Sexes SAFE
11 Leaky River SAFE
12 Stairway to Heaven OUT

The Inferno

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Grope the Rope Real World INFERNO
2 Bird Feeder WIN
3 Wreck N' Roll SAFE
4 Climbing Wall SAFE
5 Disco Domino Derby SAFE
6 Balls Out SAFE
7 Ultimate Saturn Road Trip SAFE
8 Don't Yank My Chain SAFE
9 Come Sail Away SAFE
10 Bungee Bound SAFE
11 Twist and Shoot SAFE
12 Balcony Swing SAFE
13 Fallen Angels SAFE
14/15 Saturn Valet Ballet SAFE
15/17 Window Washing SAFE
18 Seven Deadly Sins LOSER

Money Won: $11,000

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Royal Rumble Veterans SAFE
2 Chock Full o' Coconuts SAFE
3 Team Builders WIN
4 Moving Pyramid WIN
5 Spongeworthy SAFE
6 Body Painters WIN
7 Rickshaw Races SAFE
8 Team Strength SAFE
9 Balancing Act SAFE
10 Buck-A-Neer OUT

The Ruins

Bio: Boston Real Worlder Syrus has been busy since we last saw him on The Gauntlet 2, dabbling in many business ventures -- everything from a clothing line to video games to a dog walking service. Syrus may be the oldest player on The Ruins, but no one should count out this veteran on the playing field. A past Challenge champion, Syrus knows what it takes to win and has the grit to get there. Make no mistake about it, Syrus is not afraid of going head-to-head against his younger competition -- in fact, he welcomes it. But can this old schooler find his place in a new game in Thailand?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Chain Gang Champions SAFE
2 Swing On By SAFE
3 Repo Race RUINS
4 Burning Bridge SAFE
5 Block Party SAFE
6 Fruits of Your Labor OUT


The Gauntlet 2

Episode Gauntlet Opponent Result
10 Beach Brawl Derrick OUT

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Opponent Result
3 Burnout Adam WIN
6 Hog Tie Cohutta OUT



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