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The Challenge Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (currently known as The Challenge). The website format allows anybody to create or edit any article, so that we may all work together to create a database for the history of the show.

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Challenger Spotlight

Natalie Negrotti

Challenges Competed On: Vendettas, Final Reckoning

Calculated strategist Natalie made her debut challenge appearance during the series' thirty-first season. In the first competition of the season she surprised everyone by being one of the first female players to reach the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. With no connections in the house besides her vendetta Victor, she began to earn the affection of power player Bananas, a move that would prove great for her gameplay. Following the first challenge, she continued to impress her opponents and found herself in multiple Troikas throughout the season. Natalie continued to compete at a consistent rate through the season but received a target on her back when her authenticity came under question.

Due to her Big Brother experience and connection to Bananas, many players believed that she was only using the relationship to further her position in the game, something she would deny constantly. Though Victor was eliminated early in the game, Natalie gained a new enemy in the form of Devin who was most questionable about her character. Her relationship with Bananas reached a bitter end when Nelson revealed to her that Bananas had hooked up with his romantic interest, Kayleigh, behind closed doors. Natalie, feeling betrayed by both Bananas and Kayleigh, informed her friends in the house of how she felt toward the situation, prompting them to throw Kayleigh's belongings over the balcony and for Kayleigh to ultimately quit the competition. Despite all of this Natalie was nearly able to reach the final before being eliminated by Kam.

Natalie returned for the current season Final Reckoning to be partnered with another Big Brother vendetta, Paulie. Natalie entered the season aiming to have a civil relationship with Bananas following the events of the previous season, though it became seemingly impossible. Once again lacking allies, and with Paulie's relationship with Cara Maria painting a target on the duo, the two found themselves in the first Armageddon of the season where they were eliminated by Kam and Kayleigh. After learning that they would receive a second chance in the game, Natalie and Paulie pulled the Double Cross and opted to compete against fellow Big Brother alumni Da'Vonne and Jozea for a chance to reenter the game. Natalie and Paulie lost once again, but are currently waiting in the Redemption House for another chance to rejoin the game. To read about Natalie's gameplay stats, click here.

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'The Challenge Final Reckoning' Official Trailer Premieres July 10th + 9 8c MTV

'The Challenge Final Reckoning' Official Trailer Premieres July 10th + 9 8c MTV

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