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The Challenge Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (currently known as The Challenge). The website format allows anybody to create or edit any article, so that we may all work together to create a database for the history of the show.

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Challenger Spotlight

Nany González

Challenges Competed On: Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals III

Nany debuted during the series' twenty-third season and immediately showed promise on the hybrid Las Vegas team. Though the other players would try to push her to the breaking point with one even throwing her clothes into the pool, her teammates, particularly Dustin were able to help her maintain a level head. Nany won her first ever elimination when her team was sent in against St. Thomas in elimination and successfully defeated half of their team. Nany and teammate Alton would later be eliminated by the remaining members of Team St. Thomas.

During her time on show Nany often found herself in the majority alliance with powerful allies in players such as Bananas, Camila, and former roommate Leroy. Her powerful ties and overall positive presence in the house allowed her to consistently stay under the radar and make it towards the end of the competition, even securing a second place prize on Free Agents. During her partnership with Bananas, Nany struggled to keep her composure as old feelings resurfaced and they were eliminated prematurely. They later shocked everyone with their returns after beating other teams in the Battle of the Ex-iled, though they fell short once again.

Eventually Nany was able to bring in her cousin Nicole as a partner and ally in the game. The two personalities combined would cause a rift in the relationship between herself and her former allies as well as the rookie players that wanted to make a statement, leading her to another early departure. In her final season Nany was paired with longtime rival Wes and found herself unable to trust anybody in the game, including her own cousin. After facing multiple eliminations and constantly fighting for her place in the game, she would be eliminated by her own bloodline. To read about Nany's gameplay stats, click here.

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