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The Challenge Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (currently known as The Challenge). The website format allows anybody to create or edit any article, so that we may all work together to create a database for the history of the show.

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Challenger Spotlight

Derrick KXXX
Derrick Kosinski

Challenges Competed On: Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat, The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins, Cutthroat, XXX: Dirty 30

Challenge champion Derrick made his debut challenge appearance during the series' ninth season. Following his original Road Rules season, Derrick was doubted by his fellow teammates, primarily the older male veterans. His hot-headed and less mature attitude got him voted off early in the seen but not before demonstrating his potential in the game. He returned the following season and was placed on the Bad Asses team. Throughout the season Derrick was able to prove that he could be one of the more dominating players in the game, avoiding every Inferno during the season and reaching the final challenge, only to fall short due to his teammates' performances. Eager to actually take home the win he returned once more the following season, once again placed on a team with the veterans that had doubted him in the past. He was sent into the first Gauntlet against reigning team captain Adam, but was able to pull out the win and take over the captain's position. Derrick would continue on to defeat three more of his teammates in the Gauntlet, falling short against Timmy in the final elimination of the season.

Derrick made another consecutive appearance on Fresh Meat, where he selected rookie player Diem as his partner. While initially unaware of her medical condition, Derrick showed a great deal of support toward Diem during the season with the two briefly developing romantic feelings for each other. Even though Derrick and Diem managed to perform well throughout the season they were unable to win during the final Exile of the season and Derrick was once again eliminated right before the finale. He returned for another go during The Duel, eager to participate in an individual format. His size would prove to be a disadvantage however when he was eliminated midway through the season by Wes. Derrick's luck would finally turn in the following season where he was would serve as a replacement for CT. Once again placed on the Bad Asses team, Derrick was able to dominate on the field and show his worth for his team. He defeated Davis in the final Inferno of the season and was able to advance to the final challenge, where his team won and he finally obtained the title of Challenge champion.

Following a season break, Derrick returned to compete and quickly aligned himself with fellow dominant males Johnny and Kenny. Derrick and his alliance were quickly able to gain control over the Island and keys to advance to the final challenge without much opposition. With his neutral political standing in the game Derrick was able to coast to the finish line once more taking home the win. He returned once again after a season-long break placed on a powerhouse team of Champions and easily secured his third win without needing to once step foot in the Ruins. Ready for a fourth win Derrick returned on Cutthroat and was placed on the physically powerful Blue Team. With a well-known Challenge career, Derrick was looked up to as one of the leaders of his team. Despite a lack of wins from his team he confidently opted to go into the Gulag and eliminated reigning male player Brandon from the competition. Similar to his earlier Challenge appearances Derrick was able to coast to the end but managed to be outmuscled by Tyler in the final Gulag, leaving once again before the finale. Derrick made his triumphant return on the Challenge field after an eight-year long absence on XXX: Dirty 30. From the start he was able to prove to the other males that he continues to be a force to be reckoned with, securing a number of daily Challenge wins, staying (mostly) under the radar, and managing to eliminate Bananas in the final Presidio of the season. Derrick was able to reach another final challenge, but fell short to Jordan and earned second place. To read about Derrick's gameplay stats, click here.

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CT & Tony Train For The Final Challenge The Sneak Peek Show MTV

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