The Real World: Hollywood
Challenge Debut The Island
Cast Members Brianna Taylor
Brittini Sherrod (final)
Dave Malinosky
Greg Halstead
Joey Kovar †
Kimberly Alexander
Nick Brown
Sarah Ralston
William Gilbert
Game Summary
Eliminations 10 (5 wins, 5 losses)
Money Won $35,000


The Duel II

Episode Duel Player Opponent Result
1 The Elevator Nick Ryan OUT
2 Duel Pole Dancing Kimberly Robin WIN
3 Back Off Brittini Brooke WIN
5 Kimberly Ruthie WIN
6 Push Over Kimberly Jenn OUT
10 Brittini Diem WIN

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
2 Shadowfighter Nick Wes OUT
3 Burnout Brianna Susie OUT
5 Spool Kimberly Ibis WIN
8/9 Rag Doll Kimberly Susie OUT


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