The Real World: New Orleans (2010)
Challenge Debut Battle of the Seasons (2012)
Cast Members Ashlee Feldman
Eric Patrick
Jemmye Carroll (final)
McKenzie Coburn
Preston Charles
Ryan Knight
Ryan Leslie
Sahar Dika
Game Summary
Eliminations 10 (3 wins, 7 losses)
Money Won $7,500


Battle of the Seasons

Episode Arena Players Opponents Result
5 Balls Out McKenzie Chet OUT
Preston Sarah
7 Water Torture Jemmye Sam OUT
Knight Zach

Rivals II

Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
3 Snapper Knight Derek WIN
Preston Robb
6 Catch-22 Camila Jasmine WIN
Jemmye Theresa
9 Breaking on Through Knight Jordan OUT
Preston Marlon
10/11 Hanging by a Thread Camila Aneesa WIN
Jemmye Diem

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Player Opponent Result
1 Balls In 04 Jemmye 18 LaToya OUT
8 Oppenheimer 07 Preston 15 Cohutta OUT

Battle of the Exes II

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
4 Breaking Up Knight Adam OUT
Jemmye Brittany

XXX: Dirty 30

Episode Presidio Player Opponent Result
13 Body Check Jemmye Camila OUT


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