Tyrie Ballard
Original Season RW: Denver
Born December 7, 1982
Hometown Omaha, Nebraska
Game Summary
Challenges The Inferno 3
The Gauntlet III
The Island
Battle of the Exes
Rivals II
Eliminations 4 (4 losses)
Social Media
Twitter TripleBeees
Instagram tyrantbrown


The Inferno 3

Bio: Raised by a father from a military background, Tyrie is the product of a strict and aggressive upbringing. While Tyrie searched for a safe haven, he found refuge in a gang. Before heading to Denver, Tyrie was making an effort to leave his past behind and remain focused and determined to succeed in life. His roommates loved him for his sharp wit, sense of humor and his big heart, but also saw other sides of Tyrie ... Who will we meet in South Africa -- Leroy Jenkins, Dark Kent or Tyrie?

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Unbraided Bad Asses SAFE
2/3 Ladder Race OUT

The Gauntlet III

Bio: Tyrie's stay on The Inferno 3 can only be summed in a single word: brief. To be fair, he's not the first new guy to be sent packing, especially at the hands of Alton. Tyrie is never one to shy away from the chaos, as he was one of the first to jump in after CT punched Davis. With his booming voice and imposing physical force, Tyrie is going to make his presence known, one way or another.

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Piñata Pit Rookies SAFE
2 Screw You SAFE
Roped In SAFE
3 Wring Out SAFE
Blind Man's Maze QUIT

Note: Tyrie withdrew from the game due to a family emergency back home.

The Island

Bio: Tyrie recently moved from Nebraska to California's Bay Area, where he's pursuing various career options. He left The Gauntlet III early due to a family emergency, so he comes to this challenge ready to see it through to the end. Always a big talker about his strength and abilities, Tyrie will have to put his money where his mouth is if he wants to see himself win the grand prize. Can he do it?

Episode Face-Off Vote Result
1 Leaning Tower Tonya SAFE
2 Ring Wrestle Abram SAFE
3 The Rack Robin SAFE
4 Ball Buster Ashli SAFE
5 Bridge It N/A OUT


Bio: Returning to The Challenge after a long absence, Real World: Denver's large and in charge Tyrie is back and hungry for a win. Having come up short in all of his past attempts, Tyrie won't settle for anything less than first place, but worries that the seething past animosity between him and rival partner could stand in his way. Prepare to watch this edgy and fearsome veteran fight tooth and nail in his quest for victory, while still leaving time to romance the ladies.

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 High Dive Davis SAFE
2 Car Crusher OUT

Battle of the Exes

Bio: Jasmine flirted with Tyrie at the start of Rivals even though she had a boyfriend back home. After hooking up with Tyrie, a regretful Jasmine was thrilled when "Challenge boyfriend" Tyrie lost early and was sent home. After dropping thirty pounds, a lean and mean Tyrie is back and insists that he and Jasmine are focused solely on winning now, "We're basically just business associates on here," but admits that his old flame, "still "looks good in a bikini!" However, having patched things up with her boyfriend back home, an angry Jasmine wants nothing to do with her now "Challenge ex," vowing, "Tyrie still wants me, but I don't want Tyrie in any kind of way and he needs to get over it!" With the tension already rising between this volatile couple, will they be able to keep this powder keg from exploding?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey Jasmine SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 Mental Connection SAFE
4 Rolling in the Deep OUT

Rivals II

Bio: Imagine not even knowing why your rival had it in for you. That's the situation Dunbar walked into when he arrived in Thailand. However, his partner Tyrie has a longer memory when it comes to The Challenge, explaining, "Our relationship goes back to The Island where Dunbar basically got cakewalked to a power position. Seeing him be successful right off the bat without necessarily having to earn anything, it rubbed me the wrong way." Now reunited on Rivals II, Dunbar worries Tyrie might not have what it takes to go the distance. "I hate that Tyrie is my partner. He just doesn't seem to have the skill sets that win Challenges. It's not all about running people over. You gotta climb, you gotta swim, you gotta swing on stuff," he laments. A former Challenge champ, Dunbar has already proven he can win, but will need to keep his temper in check in order to survive socially. Tyrie notes, "We're both very hotheaded. Two hotheaded people usually end in an explosion." Can these two channel their competitive fire? Or is this time bomb doomed to detonate?

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Game of Inches Dunbar OUT


The Inferno 3

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
2/3 Head Rush Alton OUT


Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
2 Blast Off Davis Kenny OUT

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
4 X Knocks the Spot Jasmine Aneesa OUT

Rivals II

Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
1 Last Chance Dunbar Derek OUT


The Island Cast Members
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Eliminated via face-off
Eliminated via stolen key
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Finalist (Disqualified)
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SarahRivals2Icon TrishelleRivals2Icon
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Dunbar & Tyrie
Third Place