3rd Round


Layton Jones and Jessica Andreatta

Jenny Delich and Brian Williams, Jr

"C.T." Tamburello and Faith Brown

Brandon Tindel and Kayla Brackett

John Humprey and Victoria Wyatt

Thomas Buell and jaime larson

Zach nichols and sarah rice

Evan Starkman and Paula Meronek

Darrell Taylor and coral smith

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Samantha Giancola

Elimination matches

Episode 1 thomas and jaime vs ronnie and samantha eliminated thomas and jaime

Episode 2 jenny and brian vs darrel and coral eliminated jenny and brian

Episode 3 brandon and kayla vs zach and sarah eliminated brandon and kayla

Episode 4 ronnie and samantha vs evan and paula eliminated ronnie and samantha

Episode 5 zach and sarah vs darell and coral eliminated darell and coral

Episode 6 layton and jessica vs zach and sarah eliminated zach and coral

Episode 7 john and victoria vs ct and faith eliminated john and victoria

Episode 8 advance teams evan and paula,ct and faith ,layton and jessica

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