Round 8


Bruno Bettencourt and Violetta Milerman

Giovanny riveras and kaylen

Hunter Barfield and Nany Gonzalez

Mike Crescenzo and Sylvia Elsrode

Zak Longo and Hannah Rathbun

Pauly D and Jenny JWow

Dione Mariani and cee jai

Shane Landrum and Lacey Buehler

Erick Banks and Rashida Beach

Devin Walker and Kiki Cooper

Isaac Stout and Ashli Robson

Will Groomes III and Kimberly Johansson

Elimination matches

Episode 1 devin and kiki vs shane and lacey eliminated devin and kiki

Episode 2 erick and rashida vs zak and hannah eliminated zak and hannah

Episode 3 isaac and ashli vs shane and lacey eliminated isaac and ashli

Episode 4. Will and kimberly vs hunter and nany eliminated will and kimberly

Episode 5 dione and cee jai vs Pauly and jenny eliminated dione and cee jai

Episode 6 erick and rashida vs shane and lacey elimi ated shane and lacey

Episode 7 mike and sylvia vs erick and rashida eliminated erick and rashida

Episode 8 Bruno and Violette vs hunter and nany eliminated bruno. And violette

Episode 9 teams advance hunter and nany,mike and sylvia,Pauly D and jenny,Giovanny and Kaylen

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