Round 4 of the challenge tag team tournament


Brandon Tindel and Kayla Brackett

Layton Jones and Jessica Andreatta

Dunbar Merrill and Brittini Sherrod

Landon Lueck and Tori Fiorenza

Nelson Thomas and Francesca Duncan

Luke Wolfe and Jenn Grijalva

Vinny Foti and Melinda Stolp

Brad Fiorenza and Theresa Gonzalez

Ryan conklin and Jasmine Reynaud

Tyler Norman and Nicole Brown

Preston Charles and Devyn Simone

Elimination matches

Episode 1 preston and devyn vs vinny and melinda eliminated preston and devyn

Episode 2 dunbar and brittini vs luke and jenn eliminated luke and jenn

Episode 3 ryan and jasmine vs tyler and nicole eliminated tyler and nicole

Episode 4 brandon and kayla vs vinny and melinda eliminated vinny and melinda

Episode 5 nelson and franseca vs ryan and jasmine eliminated ryan and jasmine

Episode 6 dunbar and brittini vs layton and jessica eliminated dunbar and brittini

Episode 7 nelson and fransesca vs brad and theresa eliminated nelson and fransesca

Episode 8 teams advance to thr next round brand and kayla,layton and jessica,brad and theresa,landon and tori

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