The final regular round fo the challenge tournament


Males:pauly D,abram,adam khun,curtis,john humprey,asaf,devin,zak longo,Dillian,isaac,vince,mitch

Females:jwoow,julia,kaylen,briana,jaime larson,katrina,jenny delich,candice,sabrina,emily reese,pricilla,brianna taylor

Elimination match

Episode 1 julia vs brianna and dillian vs curtis eliminated julia and dillian

Episode 2 pricilla vs candice and devin vs isaac eliminatrd pricilla and devin

Episode 3 zak vs mitch and katrina vs brianna eliminated zak and katrina

Episode 4 adam vs curtis and emily vs kaylen eliminated curtis and emily

Episode 5 asaf vs adam and jwoow vs jenny eliminated asaf and jwoow

Episode 6 john vs vince and sabrina vs jaime eliminated sabrina and vince

Episode 7 isaac vs adam and brianna vs candice eliminated brianna and isaac

Episode 8 mitch vs abram and briana vs kaylen eliminated mitch and kaylen

Episode 9 adam vs pauly D and jenny vs candice eliminated adam and candice

Episode 10 advance to the semi finals,males:Pauly D,abram and john,females: jenny,jaime and briana

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