The finals of the challenge tournament the winners gets 1 million dollar 2nd place 100,000$ and 3rd 50,000$



Abram,cory,zach,CT,layton,hunter,bruno,raphy,Pauly D,brad,mike mizanin,derrick,peter(wild card),wes(wild card),kenny(wild card)


Kaylen,jill,cara maria,emily,laurel,camila,paula,nany,shanley,coral,brittany,jenna,tori(wild card),jenny delich(wild card)ashley mitchell(wild card)

Episode 1 tori vs jenna eliminated tori

Episode 2 peter vs derrick eliminated peter

Episode 3 nany vs paula eliminated nany

Episode 4 hunter vs brad eliminated brad

Episode 5 kaylen vs jill eliminated kaylen

Episode 6 raphy vs kenny eliminated raphy

Episode 7 camila vs jenny eliminated camila

Episode 8 derrick vs wes eliminated derrick

Episode 9 brittany vs ashley eliminated ashley

Episode 10 kenny vs cory eliminated kenny

Episode 11 paula vs emily eliminated paula

Episode 12 zach vs layton eliminated zach

Episode 13 shanley vs cara maria eliminated shanley

Episode 14 wes vs Pauly D eliminated wes

Episode 15 jenna vs coral eliminated jenna

Episode 16 Pauly D vs bruno eliminated Pauly D

Episode 17 jenny vs brittany eliminated brittany

Episode 18 bruno vs ct eliminated bruno

Episode 19 mike vs abram eliminated mike mizanin

Episode 20 coral vs jill eliminated coral

Episode 21 layton vs hunter eliminated hunter

Episode 22 jenny vs cara maria eliminated cara maria

Episode 23 cory vs ct eliminated cory

Episode 24 jenny vs emily eliminated jenny

Episode 25 1st place the champ Emily, 2nd place laurel, 3rd place jill

Episode 26 1st place the champ CT, 2nd place layton jones 3rd place abram boise

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